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New IFORS Journal - Call for Editor-in-Chief

  • 1.  New IFORS Journal - Call for Editor-in-Chief

    Posted 5 days ago
    Dear members,

    The International Federation of OR Societies (IFORS) is planning to launch a new journal called 'Sustainability Analytics and Modeling' soon in collaboration with Elsevier, and is seeking nominations for its inaugural editor-in-chief. A profile of the qualifications required is shown below. Your help is requested!

    Please send any nominations you may have directly to the chair of the IFORS editorial panel Stefan Nickel by Oct 30th (copy to Sue Merchant VP INFORMS International Activities: It is hoped that IFORS will be able to approve a suitable candidate by the end of November.

    Many thanks for your assistance.

    Best regards
    Sue Merchant (VP International Activities INFORMS)

    Qualifications for the editor-in-chief of Sustainability Analytics and Modeling include:

    • demonstrated interest in a broad range of topics and methods related to sustainability analytics and modeling,
    • demonstrated record of excellence in interdisciplinary research,
    • significant prior editorial experience in high-quality journals,
    • vision for the new journal, for the intersection of sustainability analytics modeling and operational research, and for the role of scholarly publications in the electronic and open-access age,
    • commitment to the workload involved,
    • ability to effectively and efficiently manage the editorial process, and
    • strong communication skills and demonstrated ability to work with and lead groups of people.  

    Sue Merchant
    IFORS Developing Countries Committee