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Two Million Full-Text Downloads

  • 1.  Two Million Full-Text Downloads

    Posted 11-30-2018 16:01
    Edited by Nicholas G. Hall 11-30-2018 16:15

    Just moments ago, INFORMS registered the 2,000,000th full-text download of its journal content during the calendar year 2018.


    This milestone is an impressive testament to the impact and excellence of the 16 refereed academic journals published by INFORMS.


    Recognized for their excellence throughout the fields they serve, INFORMS journals feature prominently in leading business school ranking methodology. The Chartered Association of Business Schools acknowledges five INFORMS journals as "Journals of Distinction" in their 2018 Academic Journal Guide. The Financial Times uses six INFORMS journals in its measure of the research output of MBA programs, which is pooled with a variety of other metrics to determine its ranking of MBA programs. The University of Texas at Dallas Business School Research Rankings includes seven INFORMS journals in its evaluation of the research contribution of business schools.


    INFORMS journals are led by widely respected leaders in operations research, management science, and analytics. We thank each of our editors, and the editorial boards and reviewers who support them, for their continued dedication in evaluating and identifying content that will help our profession meet the challenges of today and prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow.


    We thank you, our readers, for your continued confidence as you download these articles to learn new methodologies and applications to help make better decisions and improve our world.


    And we thank you, our authors, for your continued trust in INFORMS to shepherd your transformative research into the world.


    We congratulate all of the volunteers and staff who helped INFORMS publications reach this remarkable milestone.


    Nicholas G. Hall
    INFORMS President

    Jonathan Bard
    INFORMS Vice President of Publications

    Matthew Walls
    INFORMS Director of Publications


    INFORMS Editors-in-Chief

    Gautam Ahuja, Organization Science
    Jeroen Belien, INFORMS Transactions on Education
    Dimitris Bertsimas, INFORMS Journal on Optimization
    John Birge, Operations Research
    Jim Dai, Mathematics of Operations Research
    Michael Gorman, INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics (formerly Interfaces)
    Alok Gupta, Information Systems Research
    Shane Henderson, Stochastic Systems
    Daniel Levinthal, Strategy Science
    Paul Maglio, Service Science
    Anne Robinson, INFORMS Editor's Cut
    Rakesh Sarin, Decision Analysis
    Martin Savelsbergh, Transportation Science
    David Simchi-Levi, Management Science
    Douglas Shier, TutORials in Operations Research
    K. Sudhir, Marketing Science
    Christopher Tang, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
    David Woodruff, INFORMS Journal on Computing

    INFORMS Publications Committee

    Jonathan Bard, Chair

    Mor Armony

    Felipe Caro

    Dorit Hochbaum

    Patrick Jaillet

    Panos Kouvelis

    Larry Robinson

    Vallabh Sambamurthy

    Jim Wilson

    Nicholas G. Hall
    INFORMS President 2018

    Berry Professor,
    Fisher College of Business,
    The Ohio State University