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INFORMS Fellows: Class of 2019

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    Posted 09-26-2019 10:06
    On behalf of Dr. Shmuel Oren, Chair of the 2019 Fellows Selection Committee, I am please to share the Fellows Class of 2019:


    Karen Aardal

    Senior Researcher, Delft University of Technology

    For contributions to the theoretical and computational foundations of integer programming, with applications to facility location, frequency assignment, and emergency response, as well as a career of exceptional visionary service to both INFORMS and the broader optimization community.

    Alper Atamturk 

    Professor, University of California - Berkeley 

    For contributions to theory and implementation of integer programming and robust optimization, and applications to important problem areas.

    Hung-Po Chao 

    Senior Director and Chief Economist, PJM Interconnection 

    For sustained contributions to energy systems research, market design, practice and service to the profession 

    Xiuli Chao 

    Professor, University of Michigan 

    For distinguished research contributions to applied probability, queueing networks, scheduling, inventory control, and service systems as well as significant contributions in service to the profession and higher education. 

    Antonio Conejo

    Professor, The Ohio State University 

    For contributions to formulation and implementation of optimization models for operations and planning of electric energy systems and electricity markets, and for outstanding service as an educator and leader in the INFORMS community. 

    Louis Anthony Cox Jr.

    University of Colorado and Cox Associates 

    For significant research, practice, and service contributions to homeland security, health and environmental risk analysis, telecommunications, and the modeling of causality. 

    Brian T. Denton

    Professor and Chair, University of Michigan 

    For contributions to INFORMS leadership and to OR/MS theory, methodologies and practice in supply chains, medicine, and health care management with successful implementations and broad impact to individuals and society. 

     Costis Maglaras

    Chair of the Decision, Risk & Operations Division, Columbia Business School 

    For contributions to stochastic modeling and optimization of service systems, revenue management, and high frequency micro market structure. 

    Jong-Shi Pang 

    Chair and Professor, University of Southern California 

    For his distinguished scholarship, exemplary leadership, and dedicated service in the field, with significant impact in the advancement of knowledge and practice and education and mentoring of talents. 

    Roman Slowinski 

    Professor & Founding Chair, Poznań University of Technology (Poland) 

    For outstanding service to the O.R. community worldwide over an extended period of time and significant contributions that advanced the stature and recognition of the OR/MS profession. 

    Chung Piaw Teo 

    Director, Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, National University of Sinagpore 

    For exceptional contributions in the areas of optimization under uncertainty with applications (in particular in inventory, logistics and supply chain management) and for outstanding leadership and service to the profession. 

    Zelda Zabinsky

    Professor, University of Washington 

    For fundamental contributions in developing theory and algorithms for global optimization, with significant applications in engineering design, health care, and numerous other fields, and substantial impacts in education and service. 


    Christy Blevins
    Catonsville MD