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Call for New Professional Development Proposals

  • 1.  Call for New Professional Development Proposals

    Posted 01-08-2019 10:47

    In the President's Desk message from the Nov-Dec 2018 issue of OR/MS Today, INFORMS President Nick Hall stated that "it seems clear that the INFORMS membership has the talent, energy and related teaching experience to achieve a much stronger presence in Professional Development."  The INFORMS Continuing Education Committee agrees and we are asking if you will take up this challenge and help expand our educational offerings.  This is a unique opportunity to showcase the creativity and immense talent of our members.   

    As mentioned in the article, Dr. Hall and the INFORMS Board of Directors conducted a strategy session aimed at identifying audiences and related topic areas they believe have the most promise.  During this first call for proposals, the INFORMS Continuing Education Committee is looking for promising course ideas in one (or more) of the following areas. If you have an idea that does not fit one of these, please select "other" on the form and fill in the text box to provide clarification.

    • Audience: University Faculty (developing courses)
      • Subjects: Machine learning; data driven analytics; prescriptive analytics; data visualization; deep learning; big data; data preparation and cleaning; sports analytics; web analytics; specialized analytics courses (marketing; customer; healthcare); the sharing economy.
    • Audience: Practitioners
      • Subjects: "Soft Skills"; connecting research to practice; O.R. in ___________(healthcare, aviation, for example)
    • Audience: Companies/Organizations
      • Subjects: Building and managing analytics teams; analytics success stories  (healthcare; supply chains; emergency response); what systems thinking can do for you today and tomorrow; what data science can do for you today and tomorrow

    The committee has created a simple form to capture these ideas and help frame the opportunity for evaluation. The submission form can be accessed using the following link: 

    Call for Proposals Submission Form

    Please provide your ideas/proposals by February 15, 2019. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us (emails below) or Bill Griffin, Continuing Education Program Manager, at 

    Thank you in advance for your creativity and dedication to advancing our professional development program. 


    Armann Ingolfsson (Outgoing Chair) and Vera Tilson (Incoming Chair)
    INFORMS Continuing Education Committee