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Announcement of ENRE award recipients for 2021

  • 1.  Announcement of ENRE award recipients for 2021

    Posted 8 days ago

    It is our great pleasure to announce the recipients of the various ENRE awards for 2021! 
    Inaugural Harold Hotelling Medals for Lifetime Achievement:

    • Benjamin F. Hobbs (Johns Hopkins University, USA)
    • Shmuel S. Oren (University of California-Berkeley, USA)
    • Andres P. Weintraub (Universidad de Chile, Chile)

    Best Publication Award in Environment and Sustainability:
    • Volodymyr Babich (Georgetown University, USA), Ruben Lobel (University of Pennsylvania, USA), and Safak Yücel (Georgetown University, USA) for the paper: 

    Best Publication Award in Natural Resources:
    • Krishna Teja Malladi and Taraneh Sowlati (University of British Columbia, Canada) for the paper: 

    Best Publication Award in Energy:
    • Mirjam Ambrosius, Jonas Egerer, and Veronika Grimm (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) and A.H. van der Weijde (The University of Edinburgh, UK) for the paper:
      • Uncertain bidding zone configurations: The role of expectations for transmission and generation capacity expansion, European Journal of Operational Research, 285(1), 2020, 343-359.
    • Runner-up: Ignacio Aravena (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA), Quentin Lété, Anthony Papavasiliou, and Yves Smeers (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) for the paper: 

    Early-Career Best Paper Award:
    • Shourya Bose and Yu Zhang (UC Santa Cruz, USA) for the manuscript:
      • Load Restoration in Islanded Microgrids: Formulation and Solution Strategies. 
    • Runner-up: Benjamin D. Leibowicz (The University of Texas at Austin), for the paper:
    Student Best Paper Award:
    • Cristobal Pais Martinez (University of California-Berkeley, USA) for the paper: 
      • Downstream protection value: Detecting critical zones for effective fuel-treatment under wildfire risk, Computers & Operations Research, Volume 131, 105252, 2021.
              co-authored with Jaime Carrasco, Pelagie Elimbi Moudio, and Zuo-Jun Max Shen. 
    Congratulations to all our awardees! 
    Please join us for two special ENRE sessions at the Annual Meeting, one dedicated to the Hotelling medals: 
    and the other to the best publication/paper awards:
    Miguel F. Anjos, President
    Sandra Ekşioğlu, President-Elect
    Benjamin Leibowicz, Secretary-Treasurer

    Miguel F. Anjos, Ph.D., P.Eng., FHEA, SMIEEE, FEUROPT, FCAE
    President, INFORMS Section on Energy, Natural Resources, and the Environment (ENRE)
    Chair of Operational Research, School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
    Inria International Chair
    Schöller Senior Fellow 2020