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Workshop on Digital Innovation, Infrastructure, and Entrepreneurship on Bio Data

  • 1.  Workshop on Digital Innovation, Infrastructure, and Entrepreneurship on Bio Data

    Posted 12-23-2018 09:31


    Workshop on Digital Innovation, Infrastructure, and Entrepreneurship on Bio Data

    Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, Freie Universität Berlin

    March 7-8, 2018


    Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa, McCombs School of Business

    Michael Barrett, Judge Business School, Cambridge University

    Hannes Rothe, Digital Entrepreneurship Hub, Freie Universität Berlin


    We invite researchers and scientists to a two-day spring workshop in Berlin on bio data. Advances in biology and widespread availability of health and bio data promise new diagnostics, treatments, products, and services that may change human life. Our primary objective is to bring together scholars with diverse expertise and disciplinary backgrounds to establish an interdisciplinary community that could initiate novel conversations on bio data innovation, entrepreneurship, and infrastructure topics. 


    To this end, the workshop facilitates both small group and large group conversations topics. Specifically, the workshop schedule includes parallel small group sessions to which attendees will be assigned based on their abstract and field of interest. Key 'takeaways' from these small group sessions will be brought forth and discussed among all attendees in a few plenary sessions. Thus, the emphasis of the workshop will be on facilitating highly interactive discussions rather than formal topic presentations. In addition, we schedule keynote speakers on the two days. These keynote speakers will include senior industry executives, the head of a biotech accelerator, entrepreneurs, and academics. We expect to send you the final workshop program by February.


    To cover the expenses for facilities, lunch and dinner on March 7 and March 8, 2019, we ask participants for a fee of 250 EUR.


    If you would like to attend and join discussions, we would like to request you to send us a 1 to 2 page (double-spaced) extended abstract of your current or future research idea/ question/contribution around bio data by January 9, 2019. Please note that the abstract can involve a project idea that you are yet to develop into a full-blown project but would like to get feedback and/or find collaborators. Please email your abstract to Hannes Rothe at These extended abstracts will serve two purposes. First, it would help us identify a set of common topics that would then form the basis for developing discussion tables. We will make these abstracts accessible only to the attendees in the workshop. Key learnings from the workshop will be documented, aggregated, and published in a joint workshop report. The joint report will be circulated among all attendees for comments before publication.


    An extended call for papers can be found at


    Program Committee

    Ali Sunyaev, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,Germany

    Daniel Fürstenau, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

    Elizabeth Davidson, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, USA

    Eivor Oborn, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

    Georg von Krogh,ETH Zürich, Switzerland

    Guodong Gao, University of Maryland, USA

    Indranil Bardhan, University of Texas at Austin, USA

    Jan Marco Leimeister, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

    Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University, USA

    Katharina Lauer, Elixir, United Kingdom 

    Lars Matthiassen, Georgia State University, USA

    Lynne Markus, Bentley University, USA

    Magnus Mahring, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

    Margunn Aanestad, University of Oslo

    Martin Gersch, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

    Olga Makarova, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

    Panos Constantinides, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

    Ritu Agarwal, University of Maryland, USA

    Samer Faraj, McGill University, Canada

    Shi-Ying Lim, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Vaibhav Rajan, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Xenia Vassilakopoulou, University of Agder, Norway

    Youngjin Yoo, Case Western Reserve University, USA


    Suggested topics include but are not limited to:

    • Digital innovation, infrastructure and entrepreneurship for sharing bio & health data (i.e., platforms and infrastructures)
    • Emerging organizational forms and business models including "data collectives" and "data trusts" and new roles (for instance, "data brokers", "curators", "guardians").
    • Incentive mechanisms and organizational capabilities required to leverage data sharing.
    • Providing data in a domain of a rapidly changing knowledge base
    • Governance related to the distribution of control, consent, and the assignments of rights across actors.
    • Legal and political ramifications of conceptualising data as infrastructural resources, digital objects, and valuable objects.
    • Theoretical and methodological challenges of studying data as infrastructural resources, digital objects and valuable objects.
    • Digital innovation and entrepreneurship on bio & health data (i.e., new ventures, products, and services)
    • Practices of utilizing private and open data in a highly regulated market
    • Business model innovation along data pipelines in digital ecosystems
    • (De-)Contextualization of data by digital ventures
    • The interplay among multiple layers of data within digital ecosystems (e.g. end users that actively contribute their data, data aggregators and intermediaries, data analytics service providers).
    • Navigating conflicting logics across digital and entrepreneurial ecosystems
    • The evolution of open, closed, and hybrid data repositories within and across organizations.
    • How far does available bio data disrupt health systems – from disease prevention, health promotion, to longevity.
    • Data sharing and competition dynamics between firms in digital markets (including the role of policies and regulation, such as for instance, GDPR). 

    Indranil Bardhan
    Professor, McCombs School of Business
    The University of Texas at Austin