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Last call for Service Science Cluster session chairs: 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting

  • 1.  Last call for Service Science Cluster session chairs: 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting

    Posted 03-27-2020 10:40
    Dear Colleagues,

    The Sponsored Cluster of Service Science calls for session chairs who would like to organize invited sessions under this cluster for 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 9-11, 2020, National Harbor, MD (

    The cluster is sponsored by the INFORMS Service Science Section, whose mission is "to promote and disseminate research and applications among professionals interested in theory, methodologies, and applications in Service Science, which cuts across the fields of service business strategy and modeling, service operations research and management, information systems, marketing science and analytics, management science, e-commerce and e-business, industrial engineering, and social and cognitive science." (

    If you are interested in proposing a session (typically 4-5 abstracts per session), please contact the Cluster Chair Dr. Weiwei Chen ( by March 30. We welcome all topics related to the aforementioned mission. Here are the important deadlines:
    • March 30: Deadline for cluster chairs to invite session chairs
    • May 1: Deadline for session chairs to invite speakers
    • May 15: Deadline for presenters to submit abstracts
    Thank you for your great support!

    Best regards,

    Dr. Ming-Hui Huang, Chair of Service Science Section
    Dr. Guiping Hu, Secretary of Service Science Section
    Dr. Weiwei Chen, Vice-Chair of Service Science Section

    Weiwei Chen, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Department of Supply Chain Management
    Rutgers Business School – Newark and New Brunswick