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Latest Issue of Networks Journal

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    Posted 20 days ago

    The October 2020 issue of Networks addresses both theoretical and algorithmic advances for a variety of network optimization problems. The specific contributions detailed in this issue are

    • development of new formulations for the K-partitioning problem in a complete graph, 

    • application of the theory of p-modulus to analyze secure broadcast games, 

    • integer programming formulations for positive semidefinite zero forcing in graphs, 

    • analysis of a stochastic version of the critical node problem in graphs, 

    • comparing distance metrics in networks using uniform random spanning trees, 

    • analysis of most reliable two-terminal graphs that are subject to node failures.

    We trust that the readership of INFORMS will find these articles to be of interest. 

    Douglas Shier
    Bruce Golden
    Editors-in-Chief, Networks