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Faculty Position in Operations Research & Management Sciences at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile

  • 1.  Faculty Position in Operations Research & Management Sciences at Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Chile

    Posted 10-21-2021 10:18
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    The Faculty of Engineering and Sciences of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez is pleased to invite researchers to apply for open-rank faculty positions in operations research & management sciences due to start as early as January 1st, 2022.

    The Faculty of Engineering and Sciences (FES) of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (UAI)

    UAI is a prestigious private university in Chile. Founded as a business school in 1953, in 1988, it started operating as a university. At present, it has 12,400 students in 8  different schools located on two campuses: one in Santiago, the capital city of Chile, and the other in the coastal city of Viña del Mar. The FES is one of the leading schools of engineering in Chile, which has experienced rapid growth over the last ten years. It has about 4,000 students and more than 100 full-time professors. The FES offers 7  undergraduate engineering degrees, in addition to its M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. The FES brings together an open-minded community of scholars who combine fundamental and applied research meant to develop creative and innovative projects. These projects are expected not only to advance the frontier knowledge but also to contribute toward developing solutions that can help to reach our sustainable development goals.

    The Industrial Engineering and Operations Group, within the FES, is one of the leading operations research groups in the region, attracting some of the best students to our
    undergraduate program, as well as our Ph.D. and Masters programs in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Researchers in this group consistently participate in relevant national and international research projects, both theoretical and applied in nature, with a strong global collaboration network. The areas of research include  theoretical areas in operations research like stochastic/network/convex optimization, stochastic processes, approximation algorithms, game theory and, machine learning. Likewise, application areas include energy management, natural resources, health services, production operations, marketing, and transportation. Furthermore, the group has tight connections and works close to the operations group at our Business School, ranked as one of the best in Latin-America.

    Job description

    The FES seeks candidates with demonstrated excellence in research, teaching and service and with expertise in both theory and applications of Operations Research & Management Sciences. Candidates working in areas such as Prescriptive Analytics and Logistics are specially encouraged to apply to this opening. Faculty members at FES are expected to teach, in Spanish and/or English, undergraduate and graduate courses related to industrial engineering and related fields, supervise theses, conduct high quality research, publish in top international journals, submit research proposals to national, international and multinational funding organizations, and participate
    in outreach activities. FES also encourages and welcomes technological transfer and research in collaboration with the industry and the government. The salary depends on the qualifications of the chosen candidate. As a reference, a starting Assistant Professor should expect a monthly remuneration ranging between $3.000.000 to $4.000.000 CLP before taxes (US$ 45.000 - US$ 60.000 annual salary approximately). This salary does not include potential stipends from grants or research contracts.

    Candidates need not be fluent in Spanish at the moment of applying. They must have excellent oral and written communication skills, a great aptitude for teamwork, and a strong commitment to high quality education and research. Applicants must have earned a PhD degree in Operations Research or a related discipline at the time of hiring. Applicants in late stage of doctoral studies are also welcome. Relevant industry experience and indexed publications are a plus.

    At FES we believe that diversity broadens our research scope and enhances the quality of our education, so we highly encourage women, international scholars, and minorities to apply for this position.

    Application instructions

    Applications should be turned in by November 1st, 2021, to ensure full consideration. Candidates should submit the following information via email to  (email subject: Faculty Position in Operations Research), including at least:
    1. Statement of purpose (in English) indicating your merits for the vacancy and your plans in the areas of research and teaching in which you are interested.
    2. Curriculum vitae, which must at least include: contact information, educational background, educational and professional experience, and a list of publications in
    scientific journals.
    3. Name, position and contact information of at least three people who can submit a recommendation letter in case you are shortlisted.
    4. Availability to work in the campus of Santiago, Viña del Mar or both.

    The candidate may also be asked to give a lecture about his/her current research topics and to hold interviews with the Dean and members of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences. Interviews may be done by electronic means, if necessary.

    Luis Aburto
    Assistant Professor
    Universidad Adolfo Ibañez


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