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Upcoming TutORials at the INFORMS Annual Meeting

  • 1.  Upcoming TutORials at the INFORMS Annual Meeting

    Posted 10-21-2021 17:57
    The 2021 INFORMS TutORials cover a range of exciting topics on Emerging Optimization Methods and Modeling Techniques with ApplicationsHere is the schedule (all times are PDT).

    Sunday, October 24

    7:459:15am - VSB80

    Learning and Information in Stochastic Networks and Queues
    Neil Walton, Kuang Xu 

    11:00am12:30pm - SC01

    Response-Guided Dosing in Cancer Radiotherapy
    Archis Ghate

    2:454:15pm - VSD80

    Discrete Choice Models and Applications in Operations Management
    Ruxian Wang


    Monday, October 25

    7:459:15am – VMB80

    Surrogate-Based Simulation Optimization
    Xiaowei Zhang, Jeff Hong

    11:00am12:30pm - MC01

    Good and Bad Optimization Models: Insights from Rockafellians
    Johannes Royset


    Storytelling with Sports Analytics
    Kevin Hutson, Elizabeth Bouzarth, Benjamin Grannan, John Harris, Peter Keating

    2:454:15pm - VMD84

    Game Theory and the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Anna Nagurney


    Tuesday, October 26

    7:459:15am – VTB80

    Machine Learning for Optimal Power Flows
    Pascal Van Hentenryck 

    11:00am12:30pm - VTC80

    Statistical Analysis of Wasserstein Distributionally Robust Estimators
    Jose Blanchet, Karthyek Murthy, Viet Anh Nguyen  

    2:45pm4:15pm – VTD80

    Exactness in SDP Relaxations of QCQPs: Theory and Applications
    Fatma Kılınç-Karzan, Alex Wang 

    2:45pm4:15pm - VTB86

    Evolutionary Computation: An Emerging Framework  for Practical Single and Multi-Criterion Optimization and Decision-Making
    Kalyanmoy Deb

    Douglas Shier
    Clemson University