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University of Cincinnati Analytics Summit 2021, Webinar 2 on May 4

  • 1.  University of Cincinnati Analytics Summit 2021, Webinar 2 on May 4

    Posted 11 days ago

    Join the University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics on May 4 from 12:00 - 2:30 PM EDT for the second online session of the Analytics Summit 2021 featuring:

    1. Speaker: Michael Cavaretta of Ford Motor Company: "Manufacturing Analytics at Ford Motor Company"
    2. Speaker: Mandy Humbert of Schneider: "Treating Data Like an Asset to Improve Business Information Flow"
    3. Technical Speaker: Spencer Baucke of Tesselation: "Tableau and Power BI:  Find the tool that's right for you".

    Registration is complimentary and open to all. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

    Additional information is below.

    Michael Cavaretta
    Senior Manager, Manufacturing Analytics, Global Data, Insights, and Analytics
    Ford Motor Company

    Manufacturing Analytics at Ford Motor Company

    Abstract:  Manufacturing Analytics at Ford Motor Company - In existence for over 100 years, Ford considers itself primarily a manufacturing company. But, manufacturing has changed significantly over the years. Take Industry 4.0. It is the evolution of production from mechanization, mass production, automation to the Smart Factory and is composed of new technologies like edge computing, the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Industry 4.0 promises to make remake manufacturing. This talk will touch on how Ford's investments in Industry 4.0 through a sample of use-cases.

    Bio: Michael Cavaretta is an Analytics Executive at Ford, having had multiple roles in Global, Insights, Data and Analytics (GDIA). Since joining in 2015, he's worked in connected vehicles, analytics infrastructure, customer data and manufacturing and the Industrial Internet of Things. In addition to leading analytics teams, he has managed large IT projects of $40M / year with 100+ direct reports. Before joining GDIA, he spent over 15 years applying data analytics to business problems as part of Research and Advanced Engineering. While there, he led multiple analytic projects across all areas of Ford Motor Company, including sales and marketing, warranty and quality, manufacturing, and HR, saving the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Michael received his Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 1995.

    Mandy Humbert
    Sr. Director of Engineering and Data Science

    Treating Data like an Asset to improve business information flow

    Abstract:  Have you ever shown up to a meeting with a set of metrics that contradict the same metrics someone else has brought?  Have you ever heard your company say that they overwrite data, or delete data after a few years or months?  Is your data poorly defined or undefined?  How do we convince Executive Management that Data is an Asset and we need to protect it as we would any other company asset?

    Bio: Mandy Humbert is the Sr. Director of Engineering and Data Science at Schneider in Green Bay, WI. In her current role, she focuses on delivering visionary leadership, people engagement and development, and strategic planning. Mandy has built a COE in Data Visualization to drive a trusted source of Enterprise information for tactical and strategic decision making. She also has created and launched a Data Governance program that systemized the implementation of new processes and ensured full penetration into the data value chain. She is an accomplished leader in Analytics and Data Science with a passion for building diverse teams and partnerships. When not working, Mandy enjoys reading and spending time with her four children and two dogs.

    Spencer Baucke
    Principal Consultant, Data Viz Lead – Power BI

    Tableau & Power BI: Find the tool that's right for you

    Abstract: Big Data was the buzz word in 2015, now Tableau v Power BI is the latest craze in BI. Certified in both, Spencer walks through his take on deploying both at enterprise and some tips on choosing which tool is right for you and your organization.  

    Bio:  Spencer is passionate about enabling organizations to leverage their data through data visualization, most notably Power BI and Tableau. Spencer is a former Tableau Public Featured Author, 14x Tableau Pubic Viz of the Day winner, and co-founder of the Tableau community initiative #SportsVizSunday. Spencer has also been a speaker at TC18 in New Orleans, TCE19 in Berlin, and TC19 in Las Vegas. In addition to Tableau, Spencer enjoys leveraging data and analytics in Power BI. Spencer is DA-100 exam certified, co-founder of #WorkoutWednesday Power BI, and has enabled organizations to develop, share, and utilize Power BI reports across their enterprise.

    Michael Fry
    Professor and Academic Director, Center for Business Analytics
    University of Cincinnati
    Cincinnati OH