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Special Issue on Network Analytics and Optimization

  • 1.  Special Issue on Network Analytics and Optimization

    Posted 05-05-2021 17:39

    We are pleased to publish a special issue of Networks that contains a selection of high-quality papers presented at two conferences held in 2019: INOC 2019 (Avignon, France) and EURO 2019 (Dublin, Ireland). The articles in this June 2021 issue provide the following contributions:

    • complexity results and specialized algorithms for the minimum color-degree perfect b-matching problem on edge-colored graphs,

    • optimization of the expansion plan of a mobile telecommunication company, taking into account the realization of various technologies, 

    • complexity results and approximation algorithms for "scheduling by edge reversal" to optimize concurrency of a distributed system, 

    • solution approaches for semi-stable routing in software-defined networks in order to enhance network reconfiguration, 

    • complexity analysis of an undirected two-commodity integral flow problem, certain disjoint path problems, and the strict terminal connection problem, 

    • exact and approximate solution approaches for the densest subgraph problem, especially for very large instances, 

    • analysis and algorithms for the weighted target set selection problem, a fundamental viral marketing problem in social networks.

    We trust that the readership of INFORMS will find these articles to be of interest. Two of these papers are published Open Access.

    Douglas Shier
    Bruce Golden
    Editors-in-Chief, Networks