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EURO 2021 Athens - Stream "OR and the Arts, Creativity"

  • 1.  EURO 2021 Athens - Stream "OR and the Arts, Creativity"

    Posted 17 days ago
    EURO 2021, Athens, Greece, July 11-14, 2021

    Stream "OR and the Arts, Creativity"

    At the occasion of EURO 2021, 31th European Conference on Operational Research, Athens, Greece, July 11-14, 2021,, I am glad to welcome you to the stream on "OR and the Arts, Creativity".

    Contributions are welcome related to all OR aspects of Arts and Creativity. As in the past, this stream may host talks around, e.g., Music, Dance, Theater, Museum, Gallery, but also Image, Video and Sound Processing, Inverse Problems and Forward Problems, Transformation and Optimization, Human Resource Management, and Space-Time Design and Research ... The sessions were exciting and deep, colorful and inspirational.

    I encourage those interested in the Stream to submit their contributions with one the following session Codes:

    1115f599, 355e9b29, fa07763f,

    by using the Abstract Submission System of EURO 2021 Athens under

    Looking forward to seeing you in Athens!

    Stream organizer: Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber