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Special Issue of Networks Journal

  • 1.  Special Issue of Networks Journal

    Posted 11-14-2019 16:36

    Special Issue on Network Optimization in Transportation, Logistics, and Industry (Part 2)

    We are pleased to publish a second issue of Networks devoted to optimization methodologies and applications arising from transportation, logistics, and industrial contexts.

    The five papers in this special issue address the following problems:

    • express pickup and delivery using a fleet of heterogenous vehicles,

    • the location of depots and routing of vehicles that need not return to a depot,

    • the assignment of containers to depots as well as pallets to delivery vehicles,

    • robust shortest paths in which arc costs are given by a discrete set of scenarios,

    • bilateral trade between a buyer and a seller through an intermediary.

    We  trust that the readership of INFORMS will find these contributions to be of interest.

    Douglas Shier
    Bruce Golden
    Editors-in-Chief, Networks