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Call for paper of the ItAIS2021: The 18th Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS (Association for Information Systems)

  • 1.  Call for paper of the ItAIS2021: The 18th Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS (Association for Information Systems)

    Posted 13 days ago
    The 18th Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS (Association for Information Systems) is inviting submission for papers. The conference will be held at the University of Trento, on October 15th–16th, 2021. The ITAIS2021 Program ( should continue with the original schedule.

    Important Dates
    Encouraged abstract submission: April 23, 2021
    Full paper submission: May 28,2021
    Notification of acceptance: July 22, 2021
    Final paper submission: August 30, 2021
    Final notification: September 11, 2021
    Doctoral Consortium: October 14 – 15, 2021
    Conference: October 15– 16, 2021

    Submission guidelines
    Submitted papers will be reviewed by double blind peer review process. Authors are encouraged to seek guidance from Track Chairs prior submitting the paper. We encourage authors to submit an abstract to receive feedbacks before full paper submission. At least one author for each accepted paper should attend the conference.

    Publication opportunity
    Best contributions will be published in Springer volume "Lecture notes in Information Systems and Organization" series, indexed on Scopus. Other contributions will be
    published in the online conference proceedings with ISBN.

    Conference Tracks
    T01 – Organizational Change and Enabling Technologies
    Co-Chairs: F. Bolici (U. of Cassino), K. Jacobs (RWTH Aachen U.), P.Lindgren (Aarhus U.), F. Virili (U. Sassari)
    T02 – The role of e-HRM and digital innovation in Human Resources Management
    Co-Chairs: R. Bissola (U. Cattolica), T. Bondarouk (U. of Twente) A. Lazazzara (U. Milano), T. Torre (U. Genoa)
    T03 – Socio-Technical perspectives for a sustainable future of work and society
    Co-Chairs: P. Bednar (U. of Portsmouth), A. Locoro (LIUC), A. Ravarini (LIUC), M. Sadok (U. of Portsmouth)
    T04 – Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence
    Co-Chairs: T. Di Mascio (U. of L'Aquila), L. Laura (UniNettuno U.), E. Veglianti (Catholique U. of Lille)
    T05 – Digital Accounting information systems in resilient and sustainable organizations and society
    Co-Chairs: D. Mancini (U. of Teramo), E. Bonson (U. of Huelva), D. Lavorato (Parthenope U. of Naples), D. Perea (U. of Huelva)
    T06 – Healthcare IS and the resiliency of health provision during the pandemic and beyond
    Co-Chairs: E. M. Piras (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), M. Grisot (U. of Oslo), A. Resca (LIUC)
    T07 – Participation, Engagement and Coproduction for social innovation in turbulent times
    Co-Chairs: W. Castelnovo (U. of Insubria), P. Depaoli (U. of Tuscia), N. G. Badr (San Joseph U.)
    T08 – e-Services, Social Networks, and Smartcities
    Co-Chairs: C. Metallo (Parthenope U. of Naples), L. Mola (Skema), M.Guillamon (U. Murcia)
    T09 – Sustainability in the Digital Era: from organizations to ecosystems
    Co-Chairs: C. Rossignoli (U. Verona), L. Bullini Orlandi (U. Verona), R. Wagner (U. of Kassel)
    T10 – Governance and Portfolio Management of IS Evolution and Digital Transformation
    Co-Chairs: L. Gaio (U. of Trento), P. Rohner (U. of St. Gallen), L. Sabini (Hertfordshire Business School)
    T11 – Post-industrial Design, Service Science, and Sustainability Development Goals
    Co-Chairs: F. Bellini (Sapienza U.), F. D'Ascenzo (Sapienza U.), A. M. Dima (Bucharest U.), I. Dulskaia (Eurokleis – R&I Lab)
    T12 – Statistics, analytics, and data management
    Co-Chairs: M. Agovino (Parthenope U. of Naples), J. Beese (U. of St. Gallen), G. C. Guo (U. of Baltimore), A. Rapposelli (U. of ChietiPescara)

    Ge Guo
    Assistant Professor
    University of Baltimore