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Bilkent University, 14th Annual Workshop on Supply Chain and Logistics (Webinar Series)

  • 1.  Bilkent University, 14th Annual Workshop on Supply Chain and Logistics (Webinar Series)

    Posted 16 days ago
    Bilkent University
    14th Annual Workshop on Supply Chain and Logistics (Webinar Series)
    May 29, June 5, June 12, 2020
    Department of Industrial Engineering, Ankara, Turkey

    We are pleased to invite researchers and practitioners working in the
    areas of supply chain management and logistics to the 14th Annual
    Workshop on Supply Chain and Logistics, which will be held as a series
    of webinars due to the pandemic this year.

    There will be three webinars on the following dates:

    ??? Friday, May 29, 2020 at 13:30 (Ankara, GMT +3 hours)
    Speaker: Atalay Atasu, INSEAD
    Title: Leasing, Modularity, and the Circular Economy

    ??? Friday, June 5, 2020 at 13:30 (Ankara, GMT +3 hours)
    Speaker: Feryal Erhun, University of Cambridge
    Title: Multi-Tiered Supply Chain Risk Management

    ??? Friday, June 12, 2020 at 13:30 (Ankara, GMT +3 hours)
    Speaker: Stefan Minner, Technical University of Munich
    Title: Data-Driven Optimization for Commodity Procurement under Price

    There is no registration fee for the workshop. However, the ones who are
    interested in this event are requested to register through Eventbrite
    The zoom activity link will be shared with the registered participants
    on the day of the event via e-mail.

    The details of the first event are provided below.

    Webinar 1: ???Leasing, Modularity, and the Circular Economy???

    May 29, 2020 at 13:30 (Ankara, GMT +3 hours)
    Speaker: Atalay Atasu, INSEAD

    Abstract: We investigate the economic and environmental implications of
    jointly implementing leasing and modularity, two prominent circular
    economy strategies, and their interaction. We develop a durable goods
    model to obtain insights for firms considering the use of these
    strategies. We first analyze the effect of adopting leasing on a firm's
    product architecture choice. We find that a modular product architecture
    is more attractive under leasing only if off-lease products depreciate
    to a greater extent. We next analyze the effect of adopting a modular
    product architecture on the firm's business model choice. We find that
    adopting a modular architecture can cause a leasing firm to switch to
    selling, but will not lead a selling firm to switch to leasing. Building
    on these results, we show that leasing a modular product is preferred by
    the firm only under limited conditions, i.e., when production costs are
    low, off-lease products are in relatively better condition, and when
    there is a large difference between depreciation levels of different
    modules. Finally, we show that jointly implementing leasing and
    modularity can also lead to higher environmental impact than only
    adopting leasing or modularity in isolation.

    Bio: Bianca and James Pitt Chair in Environmental Sustainability and
    Technology and Operations Management Professor of Operations Management
    at INSEAD, Atalay Atasu (PhD INSEAD, 2007) teaches sustainability and
    fundamentals of operations and supply chain management to a variety of
    business audiences. His research focus is on sustainable operations
    management, and his interests include the circular economy, extended
    producer responsibility and environmental regulation; and his
    publications appeared in top business journals such as Harvard Business
    Review, Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations
    Management, Production and Operations Management, Journal of Industrial
    Ecology, and California Management Review. He is the recipient of a
    number of research awards, including the Responsible Research Award of
    the MSOM Society (2019), Wickham Skinner Best Paper Award of the POM
    Society (winner 2007, runner up 2014),Wickham Skinner Early Career
    Research Award (2012), and Paul Kleindorfer Award in Sustainability
    (2013). He serves as a Department editor for POMS, and Associate Editor
    for the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management Journal.

    Please contact the organizers for further questions:

    ??a????n Ararat
    Firdevs Ulus

    M. Selim Akturk
    Professor & Chair
    Dept. of Industrial Engineering
    Bilkent University
    06800 Ankara, Turkey

    Phone:(90) 312-2901210