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INFORMS Journal on Computing 2021 Meritorious Reviewers Announced

  • 1.  INFORMS Journal on Computing 2021 Meritorious Reviewers Announced

    Posted 13 days ago

    INFORMS Journal on Computing celebrates some deserving reviewers of 2021.  In 2020, the journal implemented the Meritorious Reviewer recognition which honors those reviewers who have gone beyond the call of duty for one or more reviews.  These are nominated by editors.  Reviewers are the unsung heroes of the peer reviewing system.  They give their time and expertise anonymously and without compensation.  With the recent increase in submissions at IJOC, we have relied heavily on a multitude of reviewers and appreciate each and every one.  Thank you for efforts!

    IJOC Meritorious Reviewers 2021 (alphabetical by last name)

    Ajdari, Ali                                         Massachusetts General Hospital
    Begen, Mehmet                               Western University
    Harris, Shannon                              Virginia Commonwealth University
    Hirsch, Patrick                                 University of Natural Resources and Life Science, Vienna
    Papp, David                                     North Carolina State University
    Proano, Ruben                                Rochester Institute of Technology
    Roy, Arkajyoti                                   University of Texas at San Antonio
    Salari, Ehsan                                   Wichita State University
    Samorani, Michele                           Santa Clara University
    Scutellà, Maria Grazia                     University of Pisa
    Shehadeh, Karmel                          Lehigh University
    Steimle, Lauren                               University of Michigan
    Sullivan, Kelly                                  University of Arkansas Fayetteville
    Zhang, Yiling                                   University of Minnesota Twin Cities

    Alice Smith
    Editor in Chief, INFORMS Journal on Computing
    Forehand/Accenture Distinguished Professor
    Auburn University
    Auburn AL