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Latest Issue of Stochastic Systems

  • 1.  Latest Issue of Stochastic Systems

    Posted 12 days ago
    Want to learn more about energy and power grids, epidemics, transportation networks, and reinforcement learning?  Then you would love the newest issue of Stochastic Systems.  Be the first to read the latest issue of Stochastic Systems, which features four new and exciting articles on the topics epidemic models for information spread, how to develop mechanisms for traffic flow, how to control losses in power networks, and novel algorithms for reinforcement learning.  These papers can be found at the Stochastic Systems website:

    1. Empirical Q-Value Iteration
    2. A Simple Markovian Spreading Process with Mobile Agents
    3. Optimization of Stochastic Lossy Transport Networks and Applications to Power Grids
    4. A Diffusion-Based Analysis of a Multiclass Road Traffic Network

    Jamol Pender
    Cornell University
    Ithaca, NY