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Meeting of Analytics Program Director (MAPD) - April 13, 2019

  • 1.  Meeting of Analytics Program Director (MAPD) - April 13, 2019

    Posted 02-08-2019 08:20

    The Meeting of Analytics Program Directors (MAPD) is designed to provide program directors of analytics programs with a forum for discussion, networking, and the sharing of best practices. While master's level programs are the majority, this meeting is open to program directors representing bachelor's and doctoral level programs as well. The goal is to provide a platform for the types of exchanges that will raise the bar for all analytics programs and ultimately lead to better outcomes for students and the industries they serve. Additionally, by supporting this emerging cadre of academics who lead analytics programs, INFORMS hopes that MAPD will help foster new ideas and energy going forward.

    While the MAPD will take place prior to the 2019 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference, attendees will not be required to attend the Analytics Conference. However, with leading analytics professionals and industry experts coming together to share, learn, and network, the 2019 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference is an attractive option for anyone engaged in the business analytics arena.

    MAPD has become the event for connecting and collaborating with colleagues in the field. Join us for the 3rd Annual MAPD on April 13, 2019 where Analytics Program Directors from around the globe will:

    • Connect with peers who face similar challenges and collaborate on best practices
    • Discuss topics such as deep learning, online delivery of analytics programs, and ethics in big data -- all new topics for MAPD 2019!
    • Engage with industry representatives from healthcare, aerospace/defense, transportation, and more, to better understand their workforce needs
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    Bill Griffin
    Professional Development Program Manager
    Catonsville MD