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A new virtual seminar series on `Stochastic Networks, Applied Probability and Performance' (SNAPP)

  • 1.  A new virtual seminar series on `Stochastic Networks, Applied Probability and Performance' (SNAPP)

    Posted 07-01-2020 19:14

    Hi All,

    We are excited to announce a new `Stochastic Networks, Applied Probability and Performance' (SNAPP) virtual seminar series. The seminar series is at the interface of Applied Probability Society, Stochastic Networks, and SIGMETRICS (theory) communities, and covers a broad range of topics including but not limited to applied probability, stochastic networks, computer networks, stochastic processes, performance analysis, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling, simulation, optimization, and queueing theory. The first seminar is scheduled for July 13.

    For more information, check out the SNAPP website at
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    Please forward this announcement to other people and mailing lists, who would find the seminar interesting.

    Here is the list of speakers for the rest of this year:

    • Bruce Hajek, UIUC
    • Amy Ward, Univ. of Chicago
    • Mariana Olvera Craviato, UNC Chapel Hill
    • Andrea Montanari, Stanford Univ.
    • R Srikant, UIUC
    • Jing Dong, Columbia Univ
    • Mohsen Bayati, Stanford Univ.
    • Bert Zwart, CWI and Eindhoven Univ. of Technology
    • John Tsitsiklis, MIT
    • Ana Busic, INRIA and ENS
    • Balaji Prabhakar, Stanford Univ.
    • Peter Glynn, Stanford Univ.
    • Sujay Sanghavi, Univ. of Texas at Austin
    • Ramesh Johari, Stanford Univ.
    • Ashia Wilson, Microsoft Research, New England


    On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
    Siva Theja MaguluriDebankur Mukherjee,  Weina Wang, and Christina Lee Yu
    and the Advisory board
    Jose BlanchetLaurent MassoulieKavita Ramanan, and Devavrat Shah.


    Siva Theja Maguluri
    Assistant Professor
    ISyE, Georgia Institute of Technology
    Atlanta GA