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Two new streams and a new idea --- "Governance Analytics" and "Modelling & Analytics for Energy Economics" at EURO 2019 Dublin --- call for papers and interest

  • 1.  Two new streams and a new idea --- "Governance Analytics" and "Modelling & Analytics for Energy Economics" at EURO 2019 Dublin --- call for papers and interest

    Posted 01-26-2019 09:35
    Governance Analytics and Renewable Energy 

    Two New Streams and a New Idea

    Call for Papers and Interest

    for the EURO2019 Conference in University College Dublin:  

    Stream Governance Analytics proposes a new role for conferences in the design of operationally feasible governance solutions for major projects in both public and private settings.  It shows that state administrations should not have the power to prevent the investigation of major public service initiatives.  This puts the onus on well-organized groups of experts to do such feasibility studies on behalf of society.  An appropriate instrument to lead such investigations is annual conferences run by bodies such as the Association of European Operational Research Societies (EURO).

    This new conference idea will be demonstrated for the first time at the EURO-k conference in Dublin in June 2019.

    The major project chosen for this test at EURO2019 is about how to capture wind energy (mainly from the Atlantic) and heat energy (mainly from the south of Europe) and grid it across Europe.  Whenever this is achieved it will realise immense potential benefits both environmentally and economically.  
    However implementing it faces considerable technical, logistical, operational and regulational challenges.  These can be considered by the kind of expertise available in Operational Research departments and societies across Europe, for relatively modest extra expenditure, seeing as this is the kind of work being done already by researchers who will attend this conference.

    Delegates to EURO2019 are cordially invited to offer a paper to either of two streams:

    Stream Governance Analytics:     Chair:   Cathal MacSwiney Brugha  (

           Submission by and use of the Code  d2943fe7

    Stream Modelling & Analytics for Energy Economics    
                                                                                                                             Chairs:   Valentin Bertsch, Mel Devine, Cathal MacSwiney Brugha, Seán McGarraghy

           Submission by and use of the Code which the Chairs will send to you according to a session most suitable.

    A Governance Analytics and Renewable Energy Discussion Forum will take place as part of EURO 2019 on Wednesday 26th June. Delegates and others can apply to attend this forum, through the leaders of either of the above streams. Invitations can be extended to interested people outside the conference. These include state and corporate bodies, and the media. High profile people in relevant areas will be invited to join a panel discussion.

    Prior to the conference, delegates due to give a talk in either stream will be invited to share their ideas with others, where their abstract addresses, in some way, the main question of whether and how to grid renewable energy across Europe.  

    After the conference an article will be written containing the main findings, for submission to the European Journal of Operational Research.

    Elections to the European Parliament take place in May.  The incoming Parliament will elect a new President of the European Commission (the EU's executive body).  It will decide on the priorities for Europe for the next five years.  The aim of this EURO-k Conference initiative on Governance Analytics and Renewable Energy is to evaluate whether gridding renewable energy across Europe should be made a priority for the new Commission, and to bring its findings into the EU planning process.

    Looking forward to welcome you in Dublin!

    Professor Cathal MacSwiney Brugha