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2020 Junior Scholar Paper Competition : College of Behavioral OM

  • 1.  2020 Junior Scholar Paper Competition : College of Behavioral OM

    Posted 01-06-2020 10:34

    Call for Papers: 2020 College of Behavioral OM Junior Scholar Paper Competition


    The POMS College of Behavior in Operations Management (CBOM) invites submissions to the 2020 CBOM Junior Scholar Paper Competition. We welcome papers in the domain of behavioral operations management.

    The first prize is recognized with a plaque and accompanied by a $500 honorarium. The runner-up prize is recognized with a plaque and accompanied by a $300 honorarium. The honorable mention is recognized with a plaque. In addition, the finalists of the junior scholar paper competition and the papers selected for the presentation at the awards session will be considered for travel grants of up to $500 per paper.

    The winners will be announced at the 2020 CBOM Mini-Conference scheduled for April 23, 2020 – immediately preceding the 2020 POMS Conference.

    Past finalists and winners


    Winner:          Anna Saez de Tejada Cuenca, UCLA, "Believing in Analytics: Manager's Adherence to Price Recommendations from a DSS"

    Runner Up:    Michelle Shell, Harvard, "Mitigating the Negative Effects of Customer Anxiety through Access to Human Contact"

    Finalists:         Nil Karacaoglu, Northwestern; Tamar Cohen-Hillel, MIT


    Winner:          Blair Flicker, UT Dallas, "Managerial Insight and 'Optimal' Algorithms"

    Runner Up:    Bhavani Uppari, "Modeling Newsvendor Behavior: A Prospect Theory Approach"

    Finalists:         Dennis Zhang, WUSTL; Behrooz Puurghannad, Minnesota; Yuqian Xu, UIUC; Mahdi Mahmoudzadeh, Georgia Tech

    Eligibility Conditions

    1. Entrant must have been a student on or after January 1, 2018 and the research presented in the paper must have been conducted while the entrant was a student.
    2. The submitted paper must present original research conducted primarily by the student entrant. Some assistance by other individuals (such as the student's faculty advisor) is permitted, however the entrant's primary research advisor must certify that the student's share of contribution to the paper exceeds 50%.
    3. Entrant must be a member of the BOM College of POMS on the date of submission (visit the POMS Website for information on how to become a POMS/CBOM member).
    4. A student may submit no more than one paper to the competition.

    Award recipients' selection procedure

    The award recipients will be selected by a three-person Awards Committee, which consists of the Chair and two members. To inform its opinion, the Committee will seek up to three referee reports for each submission. The referees will be selected to minimize the conflict of interest with the authors, and will include other CBOM members and/or researchers in this domain. To the extent possible, anonymous referee comments will be returned for each submission.

    If a submission has a substantial conflict of interest with a member of the awards committee, the other committee members will primarily handle the entry, assign referees and evaluate the submission. Should the submission be recommended as a finalist by the remaining two committee members, the СBOM President (or designee) will assist in evaluating and/or ranking the finalists.  

     The 2020 Awards Committee consists of:​

    1. Blair Flicker, Chair
    2. Shan Li
    3. Eirini Spiliotopoulou


    Submission Requirements:

    1. A cover letter including:
      1. Names and contact information of all authors;
      2. Names of the student entrant and the student's primary advisor;
      3. Names and contact information of 3 referees free of conflicts of interests.
    2. The paper in completely anonymous form and PDF file format, with a length of at most 32 pages excluding the appendix but including tables, figures, and references, and compliant with all submission formatting standards of the POM journal as described at The paper must include all material necessary for judges to assess its technical correctness, possibly included in an appendix of no more than 8 pages. The file name should be the short title of the paper.
    3. An electronic pdf file of a letter signed by both a faculty adviser and the entrant attesting that the entrant and the paper satisfy the eligibility conditions (if the paper is co-authored).

    The above documents should be sent by the entrant to:

    Please include "2020 CBOM Junior Scholar Paper Competition: [paper title]" in the subject line. 

    Complete entries must be received on or before Feb 18, 2020. It is the entrant's responsibility to allow for appropriate time to enroll as a new member of the BOM College (approximately 2-3 business days). Any questions related to the competition should be sent by email to

    Good luck to all entrants!

    Nikolay Osadchiy, Shan Li, Blair Flicker, Eirini Spiliotopoulou

    Nikolay Osadchiy
    Associate Professor
    Emory University
    Atlanta GA