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Registration Now Open: Sixth Marketplace Innovation Workshop

  • 1.  Registration Now Open: Sixth Marketplace Innovation Workshop

    Posted 05-04-2021 15:21

    Sixth Marketplace Innovation Workshop

    Virtual format

    May 24 to May 27, 2021


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     Markets are an ancient institution for matching the supply for a good or service with its demand. Physical markets were typically slow to evolve, with simple institutions governing trade, and trading partners generally facing a daunting challenge in finding the "right" partner. The information technology revolution, however, has generated a sea of change in how markets function: now, markets are typically complex platforms, with a range of mechanisms involved in facilitating matches among participants. Recent trends point to an unprecedented level of control over the design, implementation, and operation of markets: more than ever before, we are able to engineer the platforms governing transactions among market participants. As a consequence, market operators or platforms can control a host of variables such as pricing, liquidity, visibility, information revelation, terms of trade, and transaction fees. On its part, given these variables, market participants often face complex problems when optimizing their own decisions. In the supply side such decisions may include the assortment of products to offer and their price structure, while in the demand side they may include how much to bid for different goods and what feedback to offer about past purchasing experiences. The decisions made by the platform and the market participants interact, sometimes in intricate and subtle ways, to determine market outcomes.



    Itai Ashlagi, Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

    Omar Besbes, Columbia Business School, Columbia University

    Nicole Immorlica, Microsoft Research

    Gabriel Weintraub, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

    Fanyin Zheng, Columbia Business School, Columbia University

    Fanyin Zheng
    Assistant Professor
    Columbia University
    New York NY