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HAS Job Market Session for Academia and Industry: Call for Participants

  • 1.  HAS Job Market Session for Academia and Industry: Call for Participants

    Posted 06-22-2020 16:31
    HAS Job Market Session for Academia and Industry  - Call for Participants "on the Market"

    This year again, we are organizing a "lightning" session at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. This session will bring visibility to the students and postdocs looking for academic and industry positions with a focus on health applications and/or theory. We hope this session will facilitate recruitment for universities and companies interested in growing their capabilities in healthcare-related research/teaching.

    The format of this 90-minute session will be 1-2 slides per participant, which they must present in 1-2 minutes. The detailed criteria are as follows:

    Eligibility Criteria to Participate:
    1. Be a member of HAS at the time of the session;
    2. Be working on healthcare-related problems;
    3. Be on the job market at the time of the session;
    4. A participant is eligible to partake in HAS Job Market Sessions only once as a PhD student and once as a Postdoc. 

    Application Documents:
    1. A letter from the PhD/postdoc advisor that contains the following statement: "The participant, [full name of the participant], will be on the job market after August 1, 2020. At least one-third of the participant's dissertation/past research is healthcare-related."
    2. A proof of HAS membership that is valid at the time of the session. This includes a membership receipt, or a screenshot of HAS membership from the INFORMS "Self-Service Center" page.

    Interested applicants should send an email with the application documents and the subject line "Application to HAS Job Market Session 2020" to by July 31, 2020. Once accepted, participants will be required to submit their slides by September 4, 2020. 

    This session will provide candidates who are on the job market with great exposure to universities and companies that are hiring in 2020. Participation will be based on a first come first serve basis and space is limited. We encourage those who are interested to apply early!


    Anahita Khojandi
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    Hadi El-Amine
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Systems Engineering and Operations Research
    George Mason University

    Amira Hijazi
    PhD Student and HAS Student Volunteer
    Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    North Carolina State University

    Anahita Khojandi
    University of Tennessee
    Knoxville TN