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Management Science: March 2020

  • 1.  Management Science: March 2020

    Posted 14 days ago

    Dear Colleagues and Friends,


    I hope you, your families and friends are all safe and healthy and that the new normal of remote working is going well.


    This is a short blog to highlight an important reality. Many of us are buried with the coronavirus response for the academic programs we are involved in. Similarly, many of us need to take care of kids at home or elderly parents and relatives. All of this takes a toll on our ability to respond to authors according to the original timelines that we have set in our system.


    I would like to ask authors for patience and understanding of delays in Management Science's ability to respond. I know the referees, AEs and DEs will continue to process papers but I hope everyone understands that our response might be delayed during these difficult times.


    As always please send me any comments or suggestions.


    David Simchi-Levi


    Management Science



    David Simchi-Levi
    Professor of Engineering Systems
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Cambridge MA