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DAS Webinar May 20th Yan Chen

  • 1.  DAS Webinar May 20th Yan Chen

    Posted 05-04-2021 11:10

    Dear DAS members and friends,

    we hope this message finds you well and safe.

    We are excited to announce the new incoming webinar of our DAS webinar series.




    Thursday, May 20th 2021

    12:00 noon ET

    Yan Chen, University of Michigan

    Professor Chen will talk to us about "Virtual Teams in a Gig Economy".

    Abstract: While the gig economy provides flexible jobs for millions of workers globally, a lack of organization identity and co-worker bonds contributes to their low engagement and high attrition rates. To test the impact of virtual teams on worker productivity, retention and well-being, we conduct a field experiment with 27,790 drivers on a ride-sharing platform. We organize drivers into teams that are randomly assigned to receiving their team ranking, or individual ranking within their team, or individual performance information (control).  We find that treated drivers generate significantly higher revenue. Furthermore, drivers in the team ranking treatment continue to be more engaged three months after the end of the experiment. Survey data suggest that peer learning and team identity contribute to the virtual team efficacy.

    The webinar will be held through the Zoom online platform. To access the link, please open the following webpage:

    and then click on the "Join Webinar here" blue button.

    It will be a wonderful occasion to get together, listen to a star researcher in our field and to talk about Decision Analysis and the Decision Analysis Society upcoming events.

    Please feel free to forward it to anyone who could be interested among your students, colleagues or departments.

    Looking forward to meeting you all there,

    Emanuele with Karen and Yael


    Emanuele Borgonovo, DAS President

    Yael Grushka-Cockayne, DAS President Elect

    Karen Jenni, DAS Past President


    Emanuele Borgonovo
    Director Management Science Lab SDA Bocconi Business School
    Bocconi University