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Journal of Service Research - August Issue TOC

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    Posted 13 days ago
    Journal of Service Research
    Volume 23, Issue 3, August 2021

    Service Failure and Recovery at the Crossroads: Recommendations to Revitalize the Field and its Influence
    Yany Grégoire, Anna S. Mattila

    Service Research Priorities: Managing and Delivering Service in Turbulent Times
    Amy L. Ostrom, Joy M. Field, Darima Fotheringham, Mahesh Subramony, Anders Gustafsson, Katherine N. Lemon, Ming-Hui Huang, Janet R. McColl-Kennedy

    To Err Is Human(-oid): How Do Consumers React to Robot Service Failure and Recovery?
    Sungwoo Choi, Anna S. Mattila, Lisa E. Bolton

    Revisiting the Age Construct: Implications for Service Research
    Volker G. Kuppelwieser, Philipp Klaus

    Do Customer Discounts Affect Frontline Employees?
    Cord-Christian Troebs, Tillmann Wagner, Walter Herzog

    Assessing the Effects of Service Variability on Consumer Confidence and Behavior
    Clay M. Voorhees, Jonathan M. Beck, Praneet Randhawa, Kristen Bell DeTienne, Sterling A. Bone

    Employee Reactions to Preservice Tips and Compliments
    Raymond Lavoie, Kelley Main, JoAndrea Hoegg, Wenxia Guo

    When Heroes and Villains Are Victims: How Different Withdrawal Strategies Moderate the Depleting Effects of Customer Incivility on Frontline Employees
    Yumeng Yue, Helena Nguyen, Markus Groth, Anya Johnson, Stephen Frenkel

    Ming-Hui Huang, PhD
    Editor-in-Chief Elect, Journal of Service Research
    Distinguished Professor, National Taiwan University
    Fellow, European Marketing Academy (EMAC)
    International Research Fellow, Centre for Corporate Reputation, University of Oxford, UK
    Distinguished Research Fellow, Center for Excellence in Service, University of Maryland, US