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Job openings at Optimal Dynamics

  • 1.  Job openings at Optimal Dynamics

    Posted 05-06-2021 12:47

    [With apologies for multiple postings]


    Optimal Dynamics ( specializes in advanced decision analytics (sequential decision making under uncertainty) for the truckload/supply chain sector.  Please see



    for an overview of this field, and its application to freight transportation and supply chain management.  Think of this as the fifth layer of intelligence (see the talk for an explanation of the five layers of intelligence - machine learning is the fourth layer).


    OD just landed a series A round and is growing quickly.  It has five openings of interest to the OR community.  The first is for two senior OR people, with skills in simulation, optimization and data analytics:



    We also have two junior OR positions:



    and one for a data scientist:



    Warren B. Powell
    Chief Analytics Officer, Optimal Dynamics
    Professor Emeritus, Princeton University