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Call for Public Sector OR sessions (deadline 7/30)

  • 1.  Call for Public Sector OR sessions (deadline 7/30)

    Posted 07-20-2020 13:23
    With the shift to a 100% virtual Annual Meeting (Nov 8-11), the window for new sessions and talks has been reopened. Therefore Public Sector OR (PSOR) is soliciting additional session chairs. The new deadline for sessions and talks is July 30. A listing of session titles from the 2019 PSOR Cluster appears below for your reference. We welcome ideas for similar or additional themes consistent with the aims of PSOR.
    •  Community-Based Operations Research I 
    •  Modeling healthcare equity, access, and outcomes
    •  Humanitarian Analytics
    •  PSOR Best Paper Competition Finalists
    •  Joint Session PSOR/Practice Curated: Decision Analytic Models for Public Health
    •  Diversity/PSOR/MIF: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in OR/MS/Analytics: Innovations in Research and Practice
    •  Emerging Topics in Emergency Medical Services
    •  Joint Session Not for Profit/PSOR: Application-Driven Research in Humanitarian, Health, and Non-Profit Operations
    •  Data Driven Disaster Resilience
    •  Joint Session Policy and Government/PSOR: Cyber-security & homeland security policy
    •  Analytics in Humanitarian Operations Management
    •  Joint Session PSOR/DEI: Community-Based Operations Research II
    •  Nonprofit Operations Management: Focus on Resource Management
    •  Applied Advances in the Field of Emergency Response II
    •  Joint Session PSOR/Practice Curated: Rapid-onset Disaster Operations Management
    •  Data Driven Insights for Decision Making
    •  Logistics Models for Disaster Response and Public Health Emergencies
    •  Pro Bono Analytics - Providing Analytics Support to Nonprofit Organizations (panel session)
    •  Data-Driven Insights for Decision-Making
    •  Joint Session PSOR/Practice Curated: Healthcare Policy Modeling
    •  Disaster Operations Management
    •  Human Trafficking and ORMS: A Panel Discussion
    •  Joint Session PSOR/Practice Curated: Applied Advances in the Field of Emergency Response I
    •  Resilient Infrastructure and Community Networks
    •  Disaster Management in Preparedness, Response and Recovery
    •  Optimizing Public Policy
    •  Humanitarian and Disaster Operations Management
    •  Topics in Humanitarian Operations
    •  Resilient Infrastructure and Community Networks
    •  Human Trafficking
    •  Joint Session PSOR/Practice Curated: Managing Welfare Delivery Supply Chains

    Cluster CO-CHAIRS:

    About PSOR: The Section of Public Sector OR (PSOR) is the INFORMS subdivision dedicated to "doing good with good OR." The section furthers the use of OR/MS in many areas, including public policy, public programs, public safety, public service, and public needs.

    Thanks and regards,

    Ron and Muer

    Ronald McGarvey
    Associate Professor
    University of Missouri, IMSE and TSPA
    Columbia MO