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Special Issue of Networks Journal (October 2021)

  • 1.  Special Issue of Networks Journal (October 2021)

    Posted 13 days ago

    Special Issue on New Network Models and Approaches for Logistics and Transportation

    We are pleased to publish a special issue of Networks that collects seven innovative network-based models and approaches for problems occurring in logistics and transportation. This volume contains the following contributions:

    • a combined vehicle routing and combinatorial auction approach to a ridesharing transportation problem,

    • models and heuristics for addressing green vehicle routing problems with heterogeneous fleets, 

    • analysis of the occurrence of Braess' paradox in the context of cooperative network games with transferable utility, 

    • formulation and heuristic approach for a multiobjective vehicle routing problem with time windows (arising in gas metering), 

    • formulation and analysis of the flying sidekick TSP in the context of vehicle routing with drones, 

    • location of virtual functions in nodes of a computer network and subsequent routing of requests,

    • use of an innovative operation-time-space network formulation to solve various logistics problems. 

    We trust that the readership of INFORMS will find these articles to be of interest. Three of these papers are published Open Access.

    Douglas Shier
    Bruce Golden
    Editors-in-Chief, Networks