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Internship Opportunity at Microsoft Research

  • 1.  Internship Opportunity at Microsoft Research

    Posted 15 days ago

    The Cloud Operations Research (CORE) group at Microsoft Research is looking for excellent interns in the area of algorithms/optimization. Our internship project deals with optimizing parts of the cloud supply chain - examples include procurement or decommissioning of computer hardware, and placing servers in datacenters. The project will involve modeling, designing and implementing algorithms for the underlying optimization problems. We will explore various methodologies, such as integer programming, approximation algorithms, and heuristics. Applicants with background in algorithms/optimization, experience with mathematical programming solvers (CPLEX/Gurobi), and good coding skills (C++/C#/Python) are especially encouraged to apply using the following link:

    Konstantina Mellou
    Senior Researcher
    Microsoft Research
    Redmond WA