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INFORMS Analytics Collections: new collection on Disruptions

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    Posted 11 days ago

    INFORMS Analytics Collections, the multimedia publication of INFORMS, is delighted to announce the publication of a new collection on the topic of "Analytics in a World of Disruptions".

    The Editors of this collection are:

    Lingxiu Dong (Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis)
    Colin Kessinger (End-to-End Analytics, Accenture), and
    Danko Turcic (A. Gary Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California at Riverside).

    A brief overview of the content of this collection is:

    1. Introduction
    2. Risk Identification and Assessment: Identifying and quantifying risks is the first step of a systematic approach to risk management.
    3. Buffering: Direct buffering includes investments in safety stock and production and supply chain redundancies, including multi-sourcing.
    4. Financial Hedging: Financial hedging includes financial buffers, for example, investments in financial contracts, as a protection against loss or failure due to price fluctuation.
    5. Contingency: Contingency planning is indirect (virtual) buffering, securing access to backup capacity only in the event of a disruption.
    6. Crisis Management and Insurance: Crisis management and insurance are the last line of defense that a firm employs to avoid a large default or total collapse.

    This collection is available at:

    About INFORMS Analytics Collections (IAC):

    Mission Statement: "INFORMS Analytics Collections is the preeminent collection of industry-focused innovations and applications in advanced analytics and operations research. Compiled by INFORMS experts, these collections explore relevant analytical insights, issues, and trends through multimedia, complete with free access to INFORMS content. Addressing both academics and practitioners, each Collection seeks to introduce readers to valuable content related to applications, research, and teaching".

    Less formally, the objectives of IAC are to use its unique multimedia platform to:

    (a) demonstrate connections between applications that create value in currently high priority, high impact focus areas and academic research innovations, and

    (b) thereby enhance the impact of the work of INFORMS members.


    Comments and questions from INFORMS members are welcome.


    Nicholas G. Hall

    Editor, INFORMS Analytics Collections

    Fisher College of Business

    The Ohio State University


    Nicholas G. Hall
    INFORMS President 2018

    Berry Professor,
    Fisher College of Business,
    The Ohio State University