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University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics Webinar June 29, "Visualizing Unexpected Events"

  • 1.  University of Cincinnati Center for Business Analytics Webinar June 29, "Visualizing Unexpected Events"

    Posted 06-23-2020 10:01

    Please see below for more information on the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Business Analytics June 29 webinar, “Visualizing Unexpected Events". This will be our third, and final, installment of our Virtual Analytics Summit webinar series this summer.

     More information is below. It is free to attend, but please register by clicking here.

    Webinar 3  June 29, 12:00-2:30 PM

    "Visualizing Unexpected Events"

    Session 1:
    Steve Wexler:  Speaker and Panelist
    “Why Trust and Integrity in Data Visualization is Critical”

    Abstract: Government has asked all of us to sacrifice for the greater good. How long will you continue to do this? In less than a year’s time you may be asked to take a vaccine. Will you take it? These are big asks and big decisions, and we crave trusted, reliable information to make these decisions. In this session we’ll look at how some governments and organizations are engendering confidence and trust, and which have done the opposite. We’ll also discuss critical thinking around data and what you must do, always, to make sure your stakeholders trust what you have to tell them.

    Bio:  Steve Wexler is the founder of Data Revelations and co-author of The Big Book of Dashboards: Visualizing Your Data Using Real-World Business Scenarios Steve has worked with ADP, Gallup, Johnson & Johnson, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, Convergys, Consumer Reports, The Economist, ConEd, D&B, Marist, Cornell University, Stanford University, Tradeweb, Tiffany, McKinsey & Company, and many other organizations to help them understand and visualize their data. Steve is a five-time Tableau Zen Master, Iron Viz Champion, and on the advisory board to the Data Visualization Society

    Session 2:
    Chloe Tseng: Speaker and Panelist
    "Turning Your Skill Into a Social Force"

    Abstract:During this uncertain time, many of us are asking ourselves: "what can we do for the world?" In this session, we will share how you can leverage your visualization skill along with design thinking to make a positive impact on society. We will dive into the journey of Viz for Social Good as an example, a social nonprofit that empowers mission-driven organizations to harness the power of data visualization for social change.

    Bio: Chloe Tseng is currently pursuing her MBA at Stanford University. Prior to business school, she was a Senior Data Analyst at Twitter, where she turned complex statistics and data into a story to drive business decisions. Chloe loves visualizing data to increase awareness of social issues, and founded Viz for Social Good, a nonprofit that empowers mission-driven organizations to harness the power of data visualization for social change. Viz for Social Good has been named a finalist in the Fast Company's 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards and was awarded a Silver at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards. Chloe was also recognized as a Tableau Zen Master.

    Session 3:
    Chantilly Juggernauth: Speaker and Panelist
    "COVID-19: Visualizations for Workforce Planning".

    Abstract:  Organizations across the United States are continuing to grasp the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers small and large are asking: is our workforce at risk, how can we protect our employees, and what are safety measures that need to be in place in order to return to work? To help answer these questions, Chantilly Jaggernauth and the Lovelytics Data Visualization team developed several COVID-19 Workforce Analytics visualizations to provide organizations with a baseline in analyzing their workforce data. During this session, Chantilly will walk through these visualizations and discuss how they can assist in the development of strategies around employee safety for organizations.

    Bio: Chantilly Jaggernauth's mission is to empower corporations and individuals through the use of data visualizations and data analytics. She is a two year Tableau Zen Master who specializes in data visualization, data analytics, design, and training. Currently, she is the Vice President of Data Visualization and Training at Lovelytics based in Arlington, VA. Prior to joining Lovelytics, Chantilly worked for Johnson & Johnson and Comcast. In addition to her day job, Chantilly is the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization Millennials and Data (#MAD). Through #MAD, she works to bridge the data literacy and analytical skills gap by training, mentoring, and preparing millennials to enter a data- driven global environment.

    Jeffrey Shaffer: Panel Moderator

    Bio: Jeffrey Shaffer, Tableau Zen Master, is an expert in applying data visualization to create insights and competitive advantage. Mr. Shaffer is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Cincinnati in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business where he teaches Data Visualization in the graduate course series for Data Analytics. He is a regular speaker at conferences, symposiums, universities and corporate training programs on the topic of data visualization, he writes for the data visualization blog at Data + Science and he was a finalist in the 2011 Tableau Interactive Visualization Competition. Mr. Shaffer also teaches data visualization at the KPMG Advisory University. Mr. Shaffer is Vice President of Information Technology and Analytics at Unifund.

    Michael Fry
    Professor and Academic Director, Center for Business Analytics
    University of Cincinnati
    Cincinnati OH