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ORMS Tomorrow 2021 Spring/Summer is now available!

  • 1.  ORMS Tomorrow 2021 Spring/Summer is now available!

    Posted 13 days ago

    Dear OR/MS Community Members,

    We are pleased to share with you the Spring/Summer 2021 edition of OR/MS Tomorrow!

    In this issue, we discuss a myriad of topics in different areas, including analytics to address homelessness, operations management within the sharing economy, an algorithmic perspective of metaheuristics in optimization and transportation, air quality, and health impacts during COVID-19.

    We also reached out to the 2020 Judith Liebman Award Winners Sebastián Barriga, Wesley Marrero, and Hyame Alameddine to share with us their experience as inspiring student volunteers in their universities, their student chapters, and INFORMS.

    Many thanks to Associate Professor Minh-Ngoc Tran and Tiffany Li for sharing their work on cognitive modeling of consumer preferences. We would also like to thank Associate Professor Evrim Dalkiran for sharing a large variety of modern tools for operations research and Dr. Shubhabrata for sharing with us about the COVID-19 vaccine supply chain strategies. Thank you to Dr. Robert James for sharing on the topic of Dynamic Time Warping.

    Submissions for the Fall/Winter 2021 issue are welcomed. Contact us via email at!

    We hope you enjoy the content.

    You can find the issue here:

    OR/MS Tomorrow Team

    Lead Editors: Amira Hijazi, Jessica Leung
    Editorial Staff Writers: Srinivasan Balan, Egbe-Etu Etu, Abigail Lindner, Mihir Mehta, Piyal Sarkar, Elham Taghizadeh, Kimia Vahdat
    Editorial Board Members: Bukola Bakare, Amro El-Adle, Abtin Ijadi Maghsoodi, Saba Moeinizade, Yassine Yaakoubi
    Webmaster: Harsh Anand
    Social Media Coordinators: KaraCombs, Armagan Ozbilge
    Faculty Advisor: Prof. David Czerwinski

    Jessica Leung
    PhD Student in Business Analytics
    Co-lead editor, OR/MS Tomorrow at INFORMS
    Lecturer & Unit Coordinator
    Discipline of Business Analytics | Business School