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Revised code of conduct for member input

  • 1.  Revised code of conduct for member input

    Posted 09-24-2021 14:22
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    Hello INFORMS members,

    Attached is a document that contains a draft revised Code of Conduct. Since I arrived 14 months ago, I have had to face three separate conduct-related issues. While I believe our current Code of Conduct is a good one and was certainly a great Phase 1, I believe we need a more robust code that outlines more process.

    What you will see is a document that has gone through multiple revisions based on feedback from our Subdivision Council, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, staff, a few members, and, of course, our attorney. It is now time for members to be given the opportunity to comment. The step after member comment is for the Board of Directors to consider it for approval. If approved, we will have an implementation period in which is it widely socialized and rolled out.

    Please send comments to me directly at Or if you prefer a member discussion, please respond directly on CONNECT. Please provide comments by October 7, 2021.


    Elena Gerstmann
    Executive Director

  • 2.  RE: Revised code of conduct for member input

    Posted 28 days ago

    Thank you for your leadership on this important issue. I agree that a policy that outlines more process is necessary. I will take a look at the detailed policy and reply privately with feedback, if I have any.


    Laura Albert
    Professor and David H. Gustafson Chair
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Middleton WI

  • 3.  RE: Revised code of conduct for member input

    Posted 20 days ago


    Thank you for your hard work on the new INFORMS Code of Conduct Policy.  Below is an addition to the Policy that I believe would be important to include.  I present it for discussion.

    "As creating a supportive environment to enable scientific exchange and professional development within INFORMS is of utmost importance and the responsibility of all, a participant who is shown to have made a false or frivolous accusation in a report filed under this Policy against any other participant will be considered to have violated this Code of Conduct Policy and may be subject to the disciplinary actions outlined within it."

    (The first phrase in this sentence comes from the current INFORMS Code of Conduct.)

    Diane Bischak
    University of Calgary
    Canmore AB