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M&SOM Special Issue on "SMART City Operations" -- please submit!

  • 1.  M&SOM Special Issue on "SMART City Operations" -- please submit!

    Posted 12-06-2018 17:14

    Special Issue on Smart City Operations

    Guest Editors

    Sameer Hasija 
    INSEAD, Singapore,

    Chung Piaw Teo 
    National University of Singapore,

    Submission Deadline: October 1, 2019

    54 percent of the world's population today live in urban areas - an additional 2.5 billion people by 2050 will bring the proportion to 66 percent (United Nations July 2014). With 90 percent of these new additions concentrating in emerging Asia and Africa, building, organizing and providing infrastructures and services for the urbanised community will be an uphill task.

    In this context, one of society's major challenges is to transform our cities, or even build new ones, with an emphasis on pollution reduction, on equitable access to essential resources (such as water, electricity, sewerage facilities, healthcare, food, education, and communication), on urban transportation networks that are able to withstand multiple daily travels, on technology enabled lifestyle options supporting the wellbeing of urban population, and on safety and security systems that effective protect/relieve citizens from man-made as well as natural adversities. These aspects are strongly related to the concept of smart cities, which relies on innovative ways to manage cities, including participatory governance with citizens, administrations and industry.

    This special issue of M&SOM is devoted to enhancing our understanding of designing, building, and managing smart cities, using the lens of operations and information systems management.; The concept of smart cities inherently involves leveraging of new technologies and new operating models (e.g. mobility-as-a-service, sharing and/or on-demand economy, net metering;) that are better able to cope with social, economic and ecological issues faced by urban cities.

    Based on the smart city concept, we have conceived a list of potential topics that are a good fit for this special issue:

    • Smart mobility (e.g. on-demand public autonomous shuttles with dynamic routing),
    • Last Mile Delivery (e.g. robots, drones and automated lockers in last mile operations)
    • Smart energy and other utility systems (e.g. smart grids, smart building),
    • Crisis management in smart cities (e.g. cyber-security of water distribution systems, disaster management),
    • Smart health and elderly care (remote/robotic healthcare for the elderly, online health services, smart monitoring devices), and
    • Smart agriculture (e.g. vertical farming, smart water/crop/soil management, climate smart agriculture).

    We note that the list provided above is not exhaustive. Authors are encouraged to contact the special issue editors if they have questions about fit with respect to the special issue. This SI will be supplemented by the 2019 Special Track on Smart City Operations. This track will draw on papers submitted to the M&SOM conference that are related to the concept of smart cities.


    Please submit your manuscript online in ScholarOne Manuscripts at: You must select Special Issue Smart City Operations as the Manuscript Type in Step 1 of the submission process.

    Christopher Tang
    University of California-Los Angeles
    Los Angeles CA