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Celebrating 50 Years of Networks

  • 1.  Celebrating 50 Years of Networks

    Posted 12-21-2020 14:57

    To commemorate fifty years since the founding of the journal Networks, we have created a two-part special issue that recalls the past, delineates exciting current areas of research, and looks as well to the future. We are indebted to Cole Smith and Raghu Raghavan for a superb job in organizing and guiding the creation of this special issue.

    The January 2021 issue includes the reprinting of Ivan Frisch's 2001 article that chronicles the first thirty years of the journal, followed by a summary of notable developments in the twenty-one years since we assumed leadership of the journal.

    We are honored to include the following stellar contributions by distinguished leaders in network theory, algorithms, and practice. 

    • Dorit S. Hochbaum, Applications and efficient algorithms for integer programming problems on monotone constraints
    • Anna Nagurney, Networks in economics and finance in Networks and beyond: A half century retrospective
    • Xingyin Wang and Edward Wasil, On the road to better routes: Five decades of published research on the vehicle routing problem
    • Ángel Corberán, Richard Eglese, Geir Hasle, Isaac Plana and José María Sanchis, Arc routing problems: A review of the past, present, and future
    • Stefan Poikonen and James F. Campbell, Future directions in drone routing research
    • Mohd. Hafiz Hasan and Pascal Van Hentenryck, Large-scale zone-based evacuation planning - Part I: Models and algorithms
    • Jason Brown, Charles J. Colbourn, Danielle Cox, Christina Graves and Lucal Mol, Network reliability: Heading out on the highway
    • Illya T. Hicks and Boris Brimkov, Tangle bases: Revisited

    Bruce L. Golden
    Douglas R. Shier
    Editors-in-Chief, Networks