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WOW - new Analytics Collection released

  • 1.  WOW - new Analytics Collection released

    Posted 19 days ago
    The newest issue of the INFORMS Analytics Collection is on education. It is spectacular. (Yes, I know I'm biased.)

    From the site: "This collection consists of five sections. The first three sections concern teaching analytics. Section 1 focuses on teaching the practice of analytics. Section 2 discusses active learning formats of teaching analytics as alternatives for lectures: cases, games, and field-based teaching through capstone projects. Section 3 relates to remote learning, and the lessons learned from transforming traditional analytics courses to online courses, as forced by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. While teaching analytics is the focus of this collection, analytics can of course also be used to enhance teaching itself. The last two sections address the use of analytics to improve education. Section 4 contains several recent studies that illustrate how analytics is used to increase our knowledge on the effectiveness and impact of teaching. Finally, Section 5 addresses analytics for education, presenting some recent examples of how descriptive and prescriptive analytics are used to optimize the practice of teaching."

    Congratulations to the editors.
    @Nicholas G. Hall @Jeroen Belien @Stijn Van De Vonder @Stefan Creemers

    Elena Gerstmann
    Executive Director