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2nd INFORMS Conference on Security Call for Proposals

  • 1.  2nd INFORMS Conference on Security Call for Proposals

    Posted 5 days ago

    Proposals are requested to organize the 2nd INFORMS Conference on Security (ISC), scheduled to take place in the summer of 2022. The intent of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners to share advances and promote the development and use of operations research and analytics for ensuring security in governmental, industrial, and personal activities.

     Considering other INFORMS meetings and calendars of academia, government, and industry, the INFORMS Meetings Committee determined that the conference will be held sometime in late July or August 2022. The INFORMS Meetings Committee also determined that the location of the conference should be in the Washington, DC area. However, the conference chair and program chair(s) do not have to be local in the DC area, and INFORMS staff will help the organizers with the logistics of conference planning. The proposed conference chair forms the organizing committee and serves as the primary contact between conference organizers and INFORMS.

     The proposal should be limited to three pages and broadly address the following:

    1. Who will be the conference organizers?
      1. Who will be the conference chair? (Provide affiliation and contact information)
      2. Who will be the program chair(s)?
      3. Who else will be involved in organizing the conference? What will be the committee structure?
      4. Is there support being offered by a local institution?
    2. What specific dates would you propose to host the conference?
    3. Describe the location of the conference (e.g., downtown in the DC area or adjacent to or at a particular university).
    4. What tracks or scope do you envision for the conference? Is there a particular theme you would like to focus on? It is expected that the program will include the breadth of security-related INFORMS activities in security, including but not limited to border protection, critical infrastructure security and resilience, cybersecurity, data security, emergency preparedness/disaster recovery, military O.R., network resilience, transportation security, etc.
    5. Please discuss your thinking regarding keynote speakers. Whom do you have in mind? What criteria led you to these individuals or topics?
    6. Do you have any special events/activities planned?
    7. Please discuss any sponsorship and networking opportunities.
    8. Please provide any other information that you feel would be relevant to the Meetings Committee when evaluating the attractiveness of your proposal.

    Thank you for your interest in serving our profession by organizing the second ISC. Please send proposals to Shelley Renn ( or Tamás Terlaky ( no later than November 13, 2020. All proposals will be evaluated by the INFORMS Meetings Committee.


    Best regards,

    Tamás Terlaky, INFORMS VP - Meetings

    Paulette Bronis
    Sr. Meeting Manager