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INFORMS 2020 Session on AI Applications in Healthcare

  • 1.  INFORMS 2020 Session on AI Applications in Healthcare

    Posted 03-09-2020 12:11

    Dear INFORMS community,

    I am organizing a sponsored session on "Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare" at the 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting. The session is cross-listed with Health Applications Society and Machine Learning/Intelligence clusters.

    Topics of interest include applications of deep learning for artificial intelligence in healthcare and medicine (broadly defined), e.g., artificial neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), medical image classification, interpretability of neural network models, etc.

    If you have done research in these areas and are interested to present in the session, please contact me ( and send a paragraph about your research. I appreciate your interest.



    Pooyan Kazemian
    Harvard Medical School
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Boston, MA