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White House Proposes U.S. AI Regulatory Principles

  • 1.  White House Proposes U.S. AI Regulatory Principles

    Posted 01-08-2020 09:03
    Good morning,

    I wanted to call your attention to the following press release from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy regarding new proposed regulatory principles related to Artificial Intelligence. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

    Jeff Cohen

    Office of Science and Technology Policy

    January 7, 2020

    White House Proposes U.S. AI Regulatory Principles

    Today, the White House is proposing U.S. AI regulatory principles to govern the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the private sector. Through these 10 principles, developed as part of the American AI Initiative launched by President Trump, the United States is taking the lead to advance emerging technology in a way that reflects our values of freedom, human rights, and civil liberties.

    Chief Technology Officer of the United States Michael Kratsios authored an op-ed in Bloomberg today explaining the significance of the regulatory principles: "AI That Reflects American Values."

    The U.S. AI regulatory principles are underpinned by three goals designed to drive AI innovation:

    • Ensure Public Engagement: Regulators must base technical and policy decisions on scientific evidence and feedback from the American public, industry leaders, the academic community, non-profits, and civil society.
    • Limit Regulatory Overreach: Regulators must conduct risk assessment and cost-benefit analyses prior to any regulatory action on AI, with a focus on establishing flexible frameworks rather than one-size-fits-all regulation.
    • Promote Trustworthy AI: In deciding regulatory action related to AI, regulators must consider fairness, non-discrimination, openness, transparency, safety, and security.

    The principles, to be delivered as a memorandum to federal agencies once finalized, will be open for public comment. When proposing any regulation on AI technologies in the private sector, agencies will have to demonstrate to the White House that the proposed regulations abide by the principles described in the memorandum.

    "Building upon this Administration's record of leadership in artificial intelligence, the U.S. AI regulatory principles set the Nation on a path of continued AI innovation and discovery. By reducing regulatory uncertainty for America's innovators, increasing public input on regulatory decisions, and promoting trustworthy AI development, the principles offer the American approach to address the challenging technical and ethical issues that arise with AI technologies," said Michael Kratsios, Chief Technology Officer of the United States.

    "A first-of-its-kind document internationally, these principles show the United States leading the way among likeminded nations to shape the evolution of AI technology consistent with our common values of freedom, human rights, and civil liberties. We look forward to further engagement with the AI community, American public, and international partners to ensure the advancement of robust, reliable, and trustworthy AI technologies."

    Click here to view the memorandum online.

    Visit to learn more about the Trump Administration's efforts in artificial intelligence.


    Jeffrey M. Cohen, MBA
    Director, Public Affairs & Marketing