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   REMINDER: WORMS Family Care Award at INFORMS Business Analytics Conference
 From: Dorothee Honhon
 To: INFORMS Open Forum
 Posted: 03-05-2018 17:28


The WORMS Family Care Award will partially reimburse recipients for up to $500 in costs associated with care and/or travel for family members whose caregiver is participating in the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference.  Approximately five grants will be awarded each year, with the exact number depending on available budget.



Recipients must be registered to attend the 2018 INFORMS Business Analytics conference in Baltimore, MD.


Eligibility is limited to current students, post-doctoral associates, or early career professionals (e.g. junior faculty or professionals in their first five years of post-graduate employment) who meet one of the following criteria:


  • Parent or guardian of a child age 12 years or younger who is either also traveling to the conference and/or requires additional care while the parent attends the conference.
  • Primary caregiver for an elderly parent who is either also traveling to the conference and/or requires additional care while the caregiver attends the conference.
  • Primary caregiver for a family member who requires additional assistance who is either also traveling to the conference and/ or requires additional care while the caregiver attends the conference.


Up to $500 in expenses will be reimbursed upon submittal of receipts to INFORMS staff to cover extra expenses related to the care of family members which are due to the caregiver attending the conference.  This may include travel expenses for the family member, extra caregiving expenses at home or at the conference location.   At most one grant will be awarded per family, and priority will be given to those who have never received the award in prior years.


Application Procedures:

Applications are due March 12, 2018.  Applicants should email Beth West the following information with the subject line "WORMS Family Care Award"

  1. Statement of need (not to exceed 200 words):
    1. Why is attendance at this conference important to you?
    2. Why do you need family care?
    3. What family care do you plan to arrange?
    4. Why are you requesting financial support?
  2. Estimated family care budget, including travel costs and/or caregiving expenses.
  3. Statement verifying applicant's eligibility from applicant's department chair or supervisor.

The President, President-Elect and Past-President of WORMS will appoint the selection committee from amongst the officers of WORMS.  The selection committee will assess the applications based on their stated need for travel support.  Recipients will be notified by the selection committee no later than March 26, 2018.  Recipients should submit all receipts for reimbursement to Beth West no later than 30 days following conclusion of the conference, along with proof of conference registration.



Family care must be arranged by the awardee.  INFORMS and WORMS are not responsible for identifying caregivers and are not liable for any damages.

Dorothee Honhon
Associate Professor
University of Texas at Dallas
Richardson TX

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