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   Interfaces Name Change: INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics
 From: Michael Gorman
 To: INFORMS Open Forum
 Posted: 02-24-2018 10:14

All -

In my most recent Interfaces editorial statement, I proposed the idea of an Interfaces name change.

I am sure there will be a lot of opinions on this, and we want to hear them!
I hope that this discussion board will allow all to weigh in on the subject.

If at all possible (and I am not sure it will be) I would like to focus the discussion on whether Interfaces should change its name, more than 'what should its name be'.

I know they are related, as the eventual name feeds the desirability of a name change, but the actual name is secondary to if the name should be changed. Yes or no. Two options. (Like I tell my wife - we have to decide to buy a dog before we have to decide what to name it!)

What are the pros and cons of changing the name, and keeping the name Interfaces?

I have proposed a name: The INFORMS Journal of Applied Analytics.  I like it because it puts INFORMS and Analytics in the same title, emphasizes Application to researchers and business professionals a like, and emphasizes the rigor of an analytic Journal. There are many, many potential others (I have heard many of them!). It is a fun and sometimes contentious discussion.

However, first things first -

Would Interfaces, and INFORMS, be better served with a name that includes the word "Analytics"? 

I think yes, for reasons of outreach, branding, and growth. I have outlined my reasons in my editorial statement, linked and attached below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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Michael Gorman
University of Dayton
Dayton OH

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