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   INFORMS Editor's Cut: Are you the next volume editor?
 From: Anne Robinson
 To: INFORMS Open Forum
 Posted: 03-07-2018 16:44

INFORMS Editor's Cut is a multi-media portal showcasing topics in analytics!  So far, we've published volumes on topics ranging from healthcare, sports, and even human trafficking.  All material contained in an Editor's Cut is open source, so you can share them with colleagues, clients, and friends. Check out our current volumes here:

As Editor's Cut Series editor, I am looking for interested volunteers who would like to be a volume editor or co-editor for an Editor's Cut collection of their choice. We are seeking a range of experts across a number of significant topics, including:

  • Energy
  • Climate change/weather
  • Social Media
  • Disaster preparedness/epidemics
  • Diversity
  • Human Capital
  • Financial Markets
  • Military Applications
  • Cognitive Analytics
  • Suggest a topic!
If you're interested, drop me a note or find out more information here: Editor's Cut Procedure for Applicants

I look forward to hearing from you.


Anne Robinson
Executive Director, Supply Chain Strategy, Analytics, and Systems
Basking Ridge NJ

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