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   Service Science Cluster New Outstanding Session Chair Awards
 From: Ming-Hui Huang
 To: INFORMS Open Forum
 Posted: 03-03-2018 19:41
 Message: Only one week to go!

Organize a session for the Service Science Cluster and automatically enter into the new Outstanding Session Chair Awards for the 2018 INFORMS annual meeting. The awards include: 1) the Best-Attended Session Award, 2) the Best Session Topic Award, and 3) the Best Speaker List Award.

A valuable item to be added to your CV. The chairs of the award-winning sessions will be honored at Service Science business meeting at the conference and will receive an award plaque.

Join the Service Science Cluster as a session chair by organizing a 90-minute session with 4 presentations. Email your session title to Ming-Hui Huang ( by March 10, 2018 to have the opportunity to be recognized as an Outstanding Session Chair. You will have time to invite presenters and organize your session until May 10.

Ming-Hui Huang
Service Science Cluster Co-Chair

Ming-Hui Huang
Distinguished Professor
National Taiwan University

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