What Are The Best Ad Types for Instagram Marketing?

By James Mellor posted 07-07-2021 02:33


The goal of Instagram advertising is to reach a more targeted and larger audience through sponsored content on Instagram. This form of advertising is used to increase website traffic, brand exposure and generate more leads.

Instagram advertising may be a great way to revamp the Instagram strategy and reach more audiences using a video, a set of images, or just one image. Whether you are a starter in Instagram marketing or continuing with the strategy, there are various types of ads to consider. 

Story ads

Story ads are very common on Instagram with millions of users posting stories regularly. They relate to clever placement and targeting. This means that businesses can generate lots of traffic through stories.

These ads appear during the process of switching from one story to another, after which it is impossible to revisit. Improving the effectiveness of story ads may require you to buy Instagram followers from the leading brand, TechCrunch50. With this, your Instagram stories will receive more views and will be shared by the followers. The followers will interact with your content and help to increase the online reach. 

Photo ads

Photo ads are common Instagram ads owing to the visual nature of Instagram and the prominence of the option for photo sharing. Brands are using photos for products and services promotion and other forms of digital advertising. 

Photo ads need to be matched with whatever is being promoted and creative captions to inform the audience about the product or service. The ads should also include brand tags, people involved in brand promotion, and suitable hashtags to let the audience access posts faster. Influencers and brands use photo ads more often and so their accounts are full of photo content for promotion. 

Video ads

Video ads are created by brands for digital media due to the increased viewer rate on these media. Instagram allows video content that is 30-60 seconds in length to be posted. As such, brands are required to modify their content well and post full ads or the actual ad teasers. 

People like video content because it is easy to process and more engaging. Brands are using Instagram video ads because they have high average click-through rates and can increase web traffic. For instance, a leading brand LG created a video on its Instagram page to showcase the versatility of its brand and communicate about its new device. The company managed to enhance its overall reach and receive valuable feedback from customers. 

IGTV ads

IGTV is a new Instagram feature and is used by influencers and brands to post videos that are not necessarily promotional but may not be considered an ad. Influencers and brands can post content such as user reviews and tutorials and ensure that the content is available to users at any time. 

Viewers are free to post videos running up to 20 minutes, which overcomes the limitation of short video posting on Instagram feeds. IGTV ads can be viewed via mobile and are immersive and engaging to the audience. Instagram features Automatic placements to allow advertisers all over the world to have their ads placed near IGTV videos. 

Sponsored ads through influencers

Sponsored ads allow businesses to promote their content using paid ads on Instagram. You just need to find an influencer that you think can make your advertisement goal successful and work it within your budget.

The ad that you tie-up for could be in the form of a promotional video, a quick how-to guide by the influencer or simply a product detail with a call-to-action at the end. It’s amazingly popular among marketers as it helps them to reach multiple groups of people in a quick time and in cost-effective ways.