Susan Hunter (Chair), Jie Xu

Newsletter and Web
Editor: Susan Hunter
Associate Editor: Jie Xu

Recruiting and Retention of Members
Chair: Demet Batur
Members: Henry Lam, Ilya Ryzhov, Xi Chen

Distinguished Service Award
Chair: Enver Yücesan 
Members: Doug Morrice, Jeff Joines  

Lifetime Professional Achievement Award
Co-Chairs: Marvin Nakayama 
Members: Bruce Schmeiser, Russell Cheng  

Outstanding Publication Award
Chair: Barry L. Nelson 
Members: Jeff Hong, Christos Alexopoulos 

Committee for Underrepresented Minorities and Women
Chair: Qiong Zhang
Members: Wei Xie, Giulia Pedrielli  

Ph.D. Colloquium
Chair: Emily Lada
Members: Andrea D’Ambrogio, Anastasia Anagnostou, Weiwei Chen 

Chair: John Shortle 
Members: Sally Brailsford, Soumdayip Ghosh, Seong-Hee Kim, Raghu Pasupathy, Young-Jun Son, Hong Wan, Enlu Zhou

Simulation Archive
Chair: Richard Nance 
Members: Jim Wilson, Bob Sargent

I-Sim Representative to the Subdivision Council
Chair: Theresa Roeder

Chair: Seong-Hee Kim 
Members: Peter Hass, Susan Sanchez