PSOR Best Paper Award

The INFORMS Public Sector Operations Research (PSOR) section is sponsoring an award for best paper presented at the INFORMS fall national conference in Houston, October 22-25, 2017. This award is intended to encourage journal-quality research in all of the disciplines and
application areas represented within PSOR, and to build a tradition of scholarly exchange of knowledge at our research meetings beyond attendance at sessions. Participation is open to all INFORMS members, whether students, academics or practitioners. Each submission must be associated with a presentation at the fall national conference. Subject to receiving qualified submissions, one first prize of $250, one second prize of $100 and an honorable mention will beawarded at the PSOR business meeting, to take place at the INFORMS 2017 conference.

 The submission process consists of the following:

  • A brief letter of intent to submit a paper to the contest (at most three pages). The purpose of the letter is to explain the relevance of the paper to PSOR’s mission and the paper’s significance to research and/or practice, and should include an abstract of the paper. If practical impact is claimed for the research, it is advised to also submit another letter from a relevant practitioner, who is preferably not a coauthor, attesting to the practical value of the work. The letter should include the name, title, organizational affiliation and full contact information. Letters of intent are due by July 10, 2017 to the chair of the competition, Professor Pnina Feldman, at
  • A full draft of the paper is due by August 10, 2017 to

Submission requirements are:

  • Full papers (by request of committee) should follow the formatting guidelines of an INFORMS print journal, e.g., formatted to one-inch margins on all sides, a font size of at least 11 point, and at least 1.5 line spacing.
  • The paper should be no longer than 32 pages long (including paper text, figures, tables and references).
  • The paper under consideration for this award should not have been published elsewhere.

 Any inquiries about this award can be made to:

Pnina Feldman
Chair, Best Paper Competition
Assistant Professor
Operations and Information Technology Management
University of California, Berkeley | Haas School of Business


Previous Winners of the PSOR Best Paper Award

Winners and finalists for this award in past years can be found on the previous winners page.