How many people should be on my team? How big are most teams?

Teams must be at least 3 people, with no greater than 10 members.

Where can I find past results for this competition?

The OR & Analytics Student Team Competition was first held in 2017.  Results from that competition are here.


I’m a PhD student. Can I participate?

Not as a competitor. However, we encourage student teams to have an advisor, and you’re welcome to serve in that role. The job of an advisor is to provide guidance and mentorship, and not to contribute to the work of the project, with the understanding that the primary work is done by the students. Advisors should not be involved in setting the direction of the analysis or in the analysis itself. It is not necessary for a team to have an advisor to be eligible.

When are entries due?

Written entries are due no later than January 29, 2018, by 11:59pm EST.

When will the data be available, and how will we access it?

Teams will be provided with access to the data sets on October 13, 2018. Also on that date, teams will receive the full entry instructions and access to software.

Do we have to use the software that you provide?

No. You may use any software that you want to help solve the problem.