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IS Research

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New IS Articles in Management Science

Estimating Demand for Mobile Applications in the New Economy  Anindya Ghose and Sang Pil Han

Tie Strength, Embeddedness, and Social Influence: A Large-Scale Networked Experiment  Sinan Aral and Dylan Walker

Emergent Life Cycle: The Tension Between Knowledge Change and Knowledge Retention in Open Online Coproduction Communities  Gerald C. Kane, Jeremiah Johnson, and Ann Majchrzak

Simultaneously Discovering and Quantifying Risk Types from Textual Risk Disclosures  Yang Bao and Anindya Datta

Path to Purchase: A Mutually Exciting Point Process Model for Online Advertising and Conversion  Lizhen Xu, Jason A. Duan, and Andrew Whinston

Examining the Impact of Ranking on Consumer Behavior and Search Engine Revenue Anindya Ghose, Panagiotis G. Ipeirotis, and Beibei Li

Crowdsourcing with All-Pay Auctions: A Field Experiment on Taskcn

Mobile Targeting Xueming Luo, Michelle Andrews, Zheng Fang, and Chee Wei Phang

Responses to Entry in Multi-Sided Markets: The Impact of Craigslist on Local Newspapers Robert Seamans and Feng Zhu
Will the Global Village Fracture Into Tribes? Recommender Systems and Their Effects on Consumer Fragmentation Kartik Hosanagar, Daniel Fleder, Dokyun Lee, and Andreas Buja

Who Lives in the C-Suite? Organizational Structure and the Division of Labor in Top Management KMaria Guadalupe, Hongyi Li, and Julie Wulf

Job Hopping, Information Technology Spillovers, and Productivity Growth Prasanna Tambe and Lorin M. Hitt

Broadband in School: Impact on Student Performance Rodrigo Belo, Pedro Ferreira, and Rahul Telang

Outsourcing Information Security: Contracting Issues and Security Implications Asunur Cezar, Huseyin Cavusoglu, and Srinivasan Raghunathan

Optimal Software Reuse in Incremental Software Development: A Transfer Pricing Approach Yasin Ceran, Milind Dawande, Dengpan Liu, and Vijay Mookerjee

How Video Rental Patterns Change as Consumers Move Online Alejandro Zentner, Michael Smith, and Cuneyd Kaya

The Influence of Software Process Maturity and Customer Error Reporting on Software Release and Pricing Terrence August and Marius Florin Niculescu

User-Generated Content and Bias in News Media Pinar Yildirim, Esther Gal-Or, and Tansev Geylani

Simultaneous vs. Sequential Group-Buying Mechanisms Ming Hu, Mengze Shi, and Jiahua Wu

Media, Aggregators, and the Link Economy: Strategic Hyperlink Formation in Content Networks Chrysanthos Dellarocas, Zsolt Katona, and William Rand 

The Emergence of Opinion Leaders in a Networked Online Community: A Dyadic Model with Time Dynamics and a Heuristic for Fast Estimation Yingda Lu, Kinshuk Jerath, and Param Vir Singh 

Mixed Bundling of Two Independently Valued Goods Hemant K. Bhargava

Mixed Bundling in Two-Sided Markets in the Presence of Installed Base Effects Yong Chao and Timothy Derdenger

Price Dispersion and Loss-Leader Pricing: Evidence from the Online Book Industry Xinxin Li, Bin Gu, and Hongju Liu 

Human Capital Investments and Employee Performance: An Analysis of IT Services Industry Ravi Bapna, Nishtha Langer, Amit Mehra, Ram Gopal, and Alok Gupta 

Class-Restricted Clustering and Microperturbation for Data Privacy Xiao-Bai Li and Sumit Sarkar 

Appropriability Mechanisms and the Platform Partnership Decision: Evidence from Enterprise Software Peng Huang, Marco Ceccagnoli, Chris Forman, and D. J. Wu 

Effects of Piracy on Quality of Information Goods Atanu Lahiri and Debabrata Dey 

Services and the Business Models of Product Firms: An Empirical Analysis of the Software Industry Fernando F. Suarez, Michael A. Cusumano, and Steven J. Kahl 

The effect of Information Technology-Enabled Flexibility on Formation and Market Value of Alliances Ali Tafti, Sunil Mithas, and M. S. Krishnan 

Judging Borrowers by the Company They Keep: Friendship Networks and Information Asymmetry in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Mingfeng Lin, Nagpurnanand R. Prabhala, and Siva Viswanathan 

The Effect of CRM Outsourcing on Shareholder Value: A Contingency Perspective  Kartik Kalaignanam, Tarun Kushwaha, Jan-Benedict E. M. Steenkamp, and Kapil R. Tuli

Optimal Search for Product Information Fernando Branco, Monic Sun, and J. Miguel Villas-Boas

Contractual Flexibility, Rent Seeking, and Renegotiation Design: An Empirical Analysis of Information Technology Outsourcing Contracts Anjana Susarla

Combinatorial Auctions for Procurement: An Empirical Study of the Chilean School Meals Auction Marcelo Olivares, Gabriel Y. Weintraub, Rafael Epstein, and Daniel Yung

Information Technology and Trademarks: Implications for Product Variety Guodong (Gordon) Gao and Lorin M. Hitt

Three-Way Complementarities: Performance Pay, Human Resource Analytics, and Information Technology Sinan Aral, Erik Brynjolfsson, and Lynn Wu

Double Marginalization in Performance-Based Advertising: Implications and Solutions Chrysanthos Dellarocas

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